New battery makes a 1,000km electric vehicle a reality, claims Innolith

Innolith has announced it is developing the world’s first 1,000Wh/kg rechargeable battery whichwould allow an electric vehicle to travel 1,000km – some 600 miles-plus – on a single charge.

Under development in the company’s German laboratory, the company claims the Energy Battery’s high energy density would also radically reduce costs due to the avoidance of exotic and expensive materials.

Sergey Buchin, CEO of Innolith AG, said: “The EV revolution is currently stymied by the limitations of available batteries.

“Consumers want an adequate range on a single charge in an affordable EV and confidence that it is not going to catch fire.

“The Innolith Energy Battery is the breakthrough technology that potentially can deliver all these needs.”

The Innolith battery uses a non-flammable inorganic electrolyte, unlike conventional EV batteries that use a flammable organic electrolyte.

Innolith will be bringing the Energy Battery to market via an initial pilot production in Germany followed by licensing partnerships with major battery and automotive companies.

It anticipates the completion of development and commercialisation of the battery will take between three and five years.

Alan Greenshields, chairman of Innolith, added: “This new breakthrough has been made possible by years of dedicated research into all aspects Inorganic Electrolytes and their application to rechargeable batteries.

“Simply put, the experience gained in how to build high power batteries with exceptional robustness and cycle life has proved to be the right basis for building high energy products too.

“The absence of organic materials, crucial for stability of Innolith’s high power product, removes the key source of safety risk and chemical Instability of high energy batteries.

“It all fell into place in 2018 from an R&D perspective, with several extraordinary breakthroughs.”

Innolith has patents pending for the key inventions of the Energy Battery and is also maintaining commercial confidentiality on the cell chemistry mechanism.

Under all licensing agreements for the Energy Battery, Innolith will also retain control of all speciality chemical supply in order to protect its intellectual property.

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TecAlliance is celebrating 25 years of the TecDoc Standard – recognised worldwide as the seal for the highest quality data in the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM)

TecAlliance is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TecDoc Standard, which allows for the quick and precise identification of spare parts and vehicles and is a byword for the highest quality data in the IAM. It is also the foundation for the future development of intelligent applications for mobility concepts.

David Winter, EVP Sales & Marketing

TecAlliance is celebrating 25 years of the TecDoc Standard. The globally active data specialist introduced the data standard in 1994 in order to create a uniform data format for the collection, publication and distribution of high-quality spare part product information. Today, the TecDoc Standard allows for the quick and precise identification of spare parts and vehicles, as well as optimised automated and digitised process solutions along the entire IAM supply chain. With the launch of version 3.0 of the TecDoc Catalogue – one of the world’s leading spare parts catalogues, which is naturally based on the data standard – TecAlliance is setting new benchmarks in spare part identification, to celebrate this 25-year success story.

“Data was and is our passion, so we shall consistently refine and maintain the TecDoc Standard, because it is an important building block in the standardisation and digitisation of the automotive aftermarket”, states Jürgen Buchert, CEO of the TecAlliance GmbH. “Due to this data standard, today a spare part can be identified and therefore sold, worldwide. Tomorrow, it will be the basis for the development and implementation of intelligent applications for the mobility concepts of the future.”

Comparability and transparency of product data worldwide
Then as now, TecDoc Standard is a byword for the highest quality data. It allows for comparability, efficiency, transparency and quality of the product data in the global automotive aftermarket. Until the mid-1990s, spare parts data was not standardised and was not checked as to whether its allocation to a vehicle type is correct. There was therefore, considerable uncertainty in the identification of vehicles and spare parts, which not only cost time, but, due to the high error rate, was bad for business and customer satisfaction.

In 1994 therefore, 21 leading companies from the international automotive spare parts industry, established the standardisation initiative, under the name, TecDoc. Each vehicle type was clearly and unmistakably defined and linked with the associated spare parts. Thanks to the TecDoc Standard and the TecDoc Catalogue based on it, there has now been no doubt, which spare part matches which vehicle and that also applies all over the world, because the international standard enables smooth co-operation, not just in Germany and Europe, but in South America and Asia as well.

The highest quality vehicle and spare parts information available
All the players in IAM benefit from the TecDoc Standard, the reliable seal for high-quality spare parts, parts information and data. In the wholesale sector, the TecDoc Standard facilitates excellent quality data and web services for effective e-business, as well as customised online catalogues. Via the TecDoc Catalogue, workshops have the benefit of precise spare parts identification, in addition to comprehensive and correct repair and maintenance information (RMI). As for the parts manufacturers, the TecDoc Standard opens access to new markets and provides an entirely new global reach. In the competition for customers, visibility in the market is decisive and with the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s largest spare part catalogues, TecAlliance data suppliers are able to reach them all over the world.

A strong international standard is the basis for the digital future. By launching the new version 3.0 TecDoc Catalogue at the beginning of 2019, TecAlliance is simultaneously, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TecDoc Standard and setting new benchmarks in spare parts identification. The TecDoc Catalogue is one of the world’s leading aftermarket catalogues, and covers more than 110,000 vehicle types, data for 6.6 million articles from more than 700 brands, 254 million links and 48 article groups.

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Lucas brand World Championship sponsors of GB ice hockey team

Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE) has announced that the Lucas brand is now proud sponsor of Team GB for the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Lucas branding will appear on the GB World Championship Jersey and all replica jerseys, in addition to tapping into the sport’s increasingly popular marketing platforms such as social media and game merchandise.

The tournament, which takes place in Slovakia between 10-26 May, will be broadcast globally to a TV audience of 1.9 billion across 130 territories including Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and China. Ice hockey has grown increasingly popular in the UK over the past 12 months to become the most watched indoor sport in Britain, with higher visitor attendance at live games and a surge in the number of social media followers.

This is the first time in 26 years that Great Britain has qualified for the top-level championship after winning two successive Gold Medals in 2017 and 2018 to gain promotion from Division 3 and 2 respectively.

This comes one month after the iconic Lucas brand made history when it sponsored the first ever free-to-air live ice hockey match between Nottingham Panthers and Cardiff Devils on 26 January, which saw the Panthers triumph 2-1.

Team GB are in Group A and will go head to head with Germany in their first World Cup match on Saturday 11 May, before facing Canada on Sunday 12 May.

The Lucas engine management brand is distributed to customers throughout Europe by Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE). From 1 May 2019, the company will also acquire the license to supply the Lucas brand to customers in the UK & Ireland, with many expected to benefit from SMPE’s considerable investment in range re-profiling, packaging and cataloguing.

Ross Toomey, Standard Motor Products Europe’s managing director, believes the Lucas sponsorship hails the beginning of what promises to be an exciting partnership, as it strengthens its ties with the sport. “We’re delighted to partner with Ice Hockey UK to support all GB teams to create a legacy off the back of the men’s return to the top level,” he said.

“By sponsoring the team under the iconic Lucas brand, SMPE hopes to increase the awareness and development of the sport on a national level. This partnership also forms part of the next exciting chapter for Lucas, as we shortly become official Lucas licensees in the UK & Ireland, to match our current licence agreement in Europe.”

Ice Hockey UK general secretary, Andy French, said: “We are very excited by the sponsorship deal with Lucas. We are proud to have them on-board with Ice Hockey UK and the Great Britain national team. Lucas is a well-known brand and we are really looking forward to linking up with them.

“It is major sponsorship deal in the history of IHUK and GB – and we look forward to working with Lucas. We hope this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship between Lucas and Ice Hockey UK.”

The Lucas engine management programme includes: Ignition coils, cam/crank sensors, air mass meters, lead sets, coolant temp sensors and oil pressure switches, engineered by SMPE in the UK and Poland.

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Suppliers and customers Spring into action for new Leeds Trade Show

The Parts Alliance has successfully hosted its first major trade show of 2019.

On Wednesday 27th March over 500 customers attended the event, which ran from 5pm at the Centenary Pavilion of Leeds United’s Elland Road stadium, taking the opportunity to discuss the latest products, technology, market developments and profit opportunities with more than 50 of the trading group’s key supplier partners.

“We thought we should come for a wander around and see because we’ve never had the chance to get to anything like this before,” said David Gilfeather, owner of DG Autos in Rodley, Leeds. “It’s really great to see so much here and was well worth us coming.”

Branches of BBC Superfactors, BMS Superfactors, GSF Car Parts, SAS Autoparts and Waterloo Motor Trade all invited customers who took the opportunity to not only do business but also listen to interviews with special guests.

Fuzz Townshend from Car SOS talked about highlights from his TV shows whilst three-time British Touring Car Champion Matt Neal discussed improvements to his car and hopes for the upcoming season.

Fuzz said: “For The Parts Alliance to put on an event where garage owners can meet fantastic suppliers and get a better understanding of their products is so valuable.”

Technical talks were given by Comma Oil on how changes in engine technology are impacting the choice of engine lubricants, Schaeffler discussed DMF technology whilst Delphi provided numerous insights on keeping up with developing VM digital service record technology.

“We were delighted by the turnout on our first visit to Leeds with a show of this scale,” said Simon Moore, Head of Marketing at The Parts Alliance. “We had some great comments from the garages and lots of the suppliers seem to have had some really good discussions and done brisk business; our thanks go to everyone who supported the show.”

Nick Nafahran of Vehicle Repairs UK in Leeds was interested in a Tecalemit tyre changer and said: “I’ve got to see it and got all the information that I need, so it’s been useful.”

The evening ran until nearly 10pm with an extensive prize draw seeing around 20 prizes, generously donated by suppliers, given away to garages on the night.

Andrew Wood of APW Cars in Otley, Leeds added: “I’m here to see new technology.

“I’ve just been inside the REPXPERT van, it’s a real eye opener to see where the industry is going I’d definitely recommend others to try to get to one of these events if they have the chance.

“I’ve only got a little garage and I’m usually in the workshop until late but I’m glad I made the time for this, free food and drink too – so what’s not to like!”

Customers are advised to look out for more events in 2019 says The Parts Alliance.

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Varta join Facebook

VARTA UK is now on Facebook! People can become a fan of the new page, and connect to the world of the manufacturer of automotive batteries, and remaining up to date with everything that revolves around VARTA.

The Facebook page has a wealth of battery information and news from the industry, as well as some light-hearted content to test your battery knowledge.

Visit VARTA on Facebook, and should you want to, ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ the VARTA page.

This comes in addition to the already launched VARTA Battery World, an online library of How-To’s, Tips and Tricks and best practice for battery testing and replacement. With easy to access step by step guides and videos, the VARTA Battery World site is essential for any workshop carrying out battery replacements.

Get Start-Stop ready and become a Battery Expert, visit the VARTA Battery World.

For more information on fitting instructions, battery location on the vehicle, and even fitting times per vehicle make and model, sign up to the industry leading online tool, the VARTA Partner Portal.

Access to the VARTA Partner Portal is available via all internet-enabled devices: after a quick one-off registration, each workshop employee has FREE and unlimited access, so you can ensure the correct battery is installed in the quickest time possible.

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Autotech Recruit to deliver bespoke ’employment solutions’

Autotech Recruit has launched a pioneering, large-scale permanent recruitment drive, which is set to deliver multiple technicians across multiple sites, revolutionising the way in which national automotive companies recruit permanent vehicle technicians.

Under the initiative, Autotech Recruit will develop a bespoke, customised project for each individual business embarking upon a large scale or multi-site permanent recruitment drive.

Due to the mass delivery of vehicle technicians, each unique permanent recruitment project is set to be extremely cost effective, with a saving of up to 60% per candidate compared to traditional recruitment methods. Each project will be based on a dedicated SLA agreement, set out by Autotech Recruit, to deliver a specified amount of vehicle technicians over a set period of time – if they do not deliver the full quota, they will refund a percentage of their fee.

‘This is a major shift in the process of permanent recruitment,’ Gavin White, MD of Autotech Recruit explained. ‘It is a very cost-effective solution as we are not only putting our reputation on the line, however both parties have a deadline to deliver.’

This innovative approach to large-scale permanent recruitment, which will be an extension of Autotech Recruit’s rapidly growing employment solutions offering, will be managed by a dedicated team of permanent recruitment consultants. This new service will be headed up by Sue Dixon, who spent almost 20 years within the recruitment division of Mercedes-Benz UK.

A bespoke, online portal will underpin each permanent recruitment project and be accessible to all members of the client team during the project lifetime.

The permanent team manage every aspect of the recruitment campaign and, after thoroughly vetting each of the candidates, Autotech Recruit will load CVs onto the portal, with an alert sent to the client.

‘Through the portal the employer can immediately access information on a highly suitable candidate, who meets their exact needs based on experience, skill set, location, and job flexibility such as part-time. This is set to significantly reduce the overall recruitment time,’ Gavin explained.

‘Garages and dealerships are suffering from a wide-spread shortage of skilled technicians. However, they do not have the time to process CVs and find suitable candidates, while head office HR departments do not have the capacity to recruit for individual employers.  Our solution to large scale permanent recruitment is an innovative, semi-automated solution which will provide a consistent recruitment approach. It is a win-win situation.’

The development of this leading-edge permanent recruitment drive reinforces Autotech Recruit’s bid to become ‘more than just a recruitment company’ and an employment solutions provider.

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Latest update on government preparations for EU Exit

The IAAF has been asked by the Automotive Unit of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy to advise its membership regarding the recently released updates relating to the Government’s preparations for leaving the EU. Information and advice for businesses to ensure they can prepare for Brexit is available online at As guidance is updated frequently, we recommend you check regularly on GOV.UK.

  1. EU Exit Leaflet for SMEs
  2. Government consultation – seeking views on proposals for an energy efficiency scheme focused on smaller businesses.
  3. Providing services to EEA and EFTA countries after EU Exit
  4. All recent announcements on:
    • Importing and Exporting
    • Regulations and Standards
    • Workforce and People
    • Energy & Climate
    • Organisational Compliance
    • Other

    1. An EU exit leaflet for SMEs is now live on GOV.UK at Leaving the EU – Advice for SMEs. The leaflet provides a simple checklist of things to think about alongside some BAU information to help businesses continue to grow as we leave the EU.

    2. Energy efficiency a good way to reduce overheads whilst also being good for the environment. We’d like to encourage you to respond to this consultation which is seeking views on proposals for an energy efficiency scheme focused on smaller businesses.
    Energy efficiency scheme for small and medium sized businesses: call for evidence

    3. Providing services to EEA and EFTA countries after EU Exit – Guidance for UK businesses on EU service provision if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. If the UK leaves the EU with no deal, UK businesses will no longer operate under European Economic Area? (EEA) regulations for?the cross-border trade of services. NEW – Additional country guides were published this week that contain information and links to help businesses navigate the third country regulations in each country. The updated list is here: Providing services to EEA and EFTA countries after EU Exit – GOV.UK

    4. Recent Announcements:

    Importing and Exporting
    If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, to continue trading goods with the EU your business needs to:
    Register for an EORI number
    • Decide how you are going to make customs declarations. Many businesses find it simpler to appoint a customs agent to manage the process for them. If you want to make declarations through a customs agent appoint one as soon as possible. If you can’t appoint an agent or don’t think this is right for your business and if you intend to import or export regularly, make sure someone in your business is trained to make customs declarations and buy specialist software that links to HMRC’s customs systems.
    • If you’re an importer register for Transitional Simplified Procedure (TSP). You’ll be able to transport your goods into the UK without making a full customs declaration at the border, and will be able to delay paying your import duties.

    NEW – DIT Tariff Videos
    DIT have created three informative videos that can be shared to answer queries on tariffs
    · What is a Tariff Rate Quota?
    · What is a tariff?
    · Tariffs: what happens if we leave the EU with no deal?

    NEW – HMRC Webinar
    HMRC recently ran a live webinar to help UK businesses trading with the EU to keep imports and exports up to speed in case of a no deal EU Exit. The recording of the live webinar session held on the 22 Mar 2019 is now available online for you to view.

    This webinar talks about 5 key areas UK businesses need to know: from how to register for an Economic Operator and Identification (EORI) number and Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP), to preparing to make customs declarations, what Entry Summary Declarations (also known as safety and security declarations) are, and paying the correct import and export duty and VAT.

    NEW – DIT published guidance on temporary rates of customs duty on imports after EU Exit: Temporary Rates of Customs Duty on Imports after EU Exit
    HMRC updated guidance on how to get a UK EORI number to trade within the EU. Update – This guidance has been updated to make it clear what the definition of a UK business is: Get a UK EORI Number to Trade Within the EU
    NEW – Cross government policy paper published on critical goods for government-secured freight capacity: Critical Goods for Government Secured Freight Capacity
    NEW – Cross government guidance published on Avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland in a no deal scenario: Avoiding a Hard Border in Northern Ireland in a No Deal Scenario
    NEW – Cross government guidance published on the Customs Tariff (Establishment) (EU Exit) Regulations: Customs Tariff Establishment EU Exit Regulations
    NEW – Cross government guidance published on the Customs (Tariff Rate Quotas) Regulation: Customs Tariff Rate Quotas Regulation
    NEW – Cross government guidance published on the Customs Tariff (Preferential Trade Agreement) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019: Customs Tariff Preferential Trade Agreement EU Exit Regulations 2019
    NEW – Cross government guidance published on the Customs (Tariff-Free Access for Goods from Overseas Territories) Regulation: Customs Tariff Free Access for Goods from Overseas Territories
    NEW – Cross government guidance published on authorised Use: Reliefs from import duty on goods brought into the United Kingdom for specified uses: Reliefs from Import Duty on Goods Brought into the UK
    NEW – Cross government guidance published on the Customs (Origin of Chargeable Goods) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019: Customs Origin of Chargeable Goods EU Exit Regulations 2019
    NEW – DfT published guidance for hauliers on the transport of goods out of the UK by road if the UK leaves the EU without a deal: Transport Goods out of the UK by Road if the UK Leaves the EU Without a Deal Checklist for Hauliers
    DfT updated French customs guidance after Brexit. Updates – Summary of how to prepare customs declarations for roll-on roll-off freight carried between the UK and France if there is no EU Exit deal: French Customs Guidance after Brexit
    NEW – DIT published guidance on checking temporary rates of customs duty on imports after EU Exit: Check Temporary Rates of Customs Duty on Imports after EU Exit
    HMRC updated statutory guidance on eligible goods and authorised uses. Updates – Replaced the ‘Authorised use: eligible goods and authorised uses’ document with an updated version: Eligible Goods and Authorised Uses

    Regulations and Standards
    HSE published guidance on Health and Safety Executive information if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. Update – The guidance has links to the HSE website for more information: HSE Information if the UK Leaves the EU Without a Deal

Workforce and People
HO updated guidance on the EU Settlement Scheme Assisted Digital service: Updates – Assisted digital locations updated: EU Settlement Scheme Assisted Digital Service
HO updated guidance on applicant information to the EU Settlement Scheme. Updates – Information on how we use your information added: EU Settlement Scheme Applicant Information
HO updated guidance on the EU Settlement Scheme, ID document scanner locations. Updates – Locations in Cumnock, Kilmarnock, Tower Hamlets, Burton upon Trent, Calderdale, Hounslow and Newcastle-under-Lyme added: EU Settlement Scheme ID Document Scanner Locations

Energy & Climate
BEIS updated guidance on meeting climate change requirements if there’s no Brexit deal. Updates – The 2018 compliance deadline to surrender allowances for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is being extended from 15 March 2019 to 26 March 2019: Meeting Climate Change Requirements if there is No Brexit Deal

Organisational Compliance
HMT updated guidance on banking, insurance and other financial services if there’s no Brexit deal. Update – Updated with revised information: Banking Insurance and other Financial Services if there is No Brexit Deal

DfT updated guidance on preparing to drive in the EU after Brexit. Updates – Background to Operation Brock, the contingency plans to manage freight traffic on the major roads leading to the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel: Prepare to Drive in the EU after Brexit

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Klarius directors appear in Court

Five directors of Klarius Products Limited appeared in Manchester Crown Court this week facing trial on charges contrary to section 993 of the Companies Act 2006.

The case has been brought by the DVSA against Douglas Bentley, David Cheetham, Charles Greaves, Paul Hannah and Anthony Wilson.

It is alleged that between 01/02/2013 and 30/08/2015 the business of Klarius Products Limited, carried on for fraudulent purposes, the marketing, distribution and sale of counterfeit and non-type approved catalytic converters.

The case has been adjourned until the 18th November when a full trial will commence.

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Commission online evaluation questionnaire on the functioning of design protection in the EU

As many people will be aware, there is currently no harmonisation on rules applicable to visible spare parts in the EU. This has in the past caused issues for some IAAF members when exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions overseas.

The European Commission launched an evaluation of the functioning of the EU legislation on design protection in July 2018, which aims to provide an in-depth assessment of the overall functioning of the design protection system at both EU and national levels.

As part of this evaluation there is an online consultation questionnaire which is open for inputs until 15th April 2019. The more replies the Commission receives in favour of the harmonisation of the market for visible must-match spare parts through the introduction of a Repairs Clause, the more this issue has a chance to be taken seriously.

We are therefore asking as many people as possible to complete the questionnaire – to assist you can download suggested template answers which can be copied and pasted into the questionnaire which can be found by following link.

To access the questionnaire, you will be need to log in with an ECAS profile and login details. Should you not have a profile, just follow the procedure to create an account.

If you have any queries please contact the IAAF Office either by telephone on 0121 748 4688 or email.

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Open fusion platform simplifies the development of autonomous driving functions

A German research network incorporating reputable research institutions, universities, IT companies and also companies from the automotive industry, has developed a near-series fusion platform with open interfaces (Open Fusion Platform, abbreviated to OFP). It enables vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to cost-effectively integrate highly and fully automated driver assistance functions for the purposes of automated driving. The OFP was developed by HELLA, the network coordinator, together with the German Aerospace Centre, Elektrobit Automotive, Infineon Technologies AG, InnoSent, Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision, Reutlingen University, the RWTH Aachen Electromobility Centre, Streetscooter Research and TWT GmbH Science and Innovation. In addition, associated partners Continental and Nvidia, also supported the project.

The project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with € 4.4 million, was successfully completed in just over three years with the integration of the first fully autonomous driving functions in three demonstration vehicles. In the implemented scenario, a fully automatically electric vehicle drives to a free charging station in a car park and positions itself over the charging plate. After the charging process has been completed, it automatically searches for an available parking space, without a charging plate. “For such highly or fully automated scenarios, so far only prototypes that were not yet close to series production have existed,” explains Dr. Michael Schilling, Project Manager for Pre-Development of Automated Driving at HELLA and Network Coordinator for the OFP project. Today there already are driver assistance systems in series production, such as traffic jam assistants that merge data from two sensors. “But for fully automated driving, it is necessary for the vehicles to be able to perceive their entire surroundings. To achieve this, data from a multitude of sensors and cameras has to be merged in order to create a full model of the surroundings. Such a model then shows the driving environment with the required amount of accuracy, allowing to implement a reliable driving function.” One of the challenges revolves around the interfaces between the individual sensors and the central electronic control unit, which have not yet been standardised. The interfaces of actual driver assistance systems are very function-specific and depend on the individual supplier or vehicle manufacturer. This is exactly where the research project started its work.

Four cameras and eight 77 GHz radar sensors, covering 360° around the vehicle, served as input for the OFP. An additional Vehicle to X-Communication module (V2X module) also enables communication between vehicles and external infrastructure, such as the charging plate. The network partners have disclosed the interface descriptions of the individual components in a freely available “Interface Specification”. During the project, an ISO working group for the standardisation of the sensor data interfaces, was launched by the research group, together with other leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.

Upon completion of the project, an updated interface description is published, which also flows into the ongoing ISO process. This means that for the first time, all vehicle manufacturers and suppliers will have the opportunity of integrating their products quickly and easily into the fusion platform. With the complex environmental model, Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision has developed the central component of the OFP. Using the OFP visualisation, developers can see how the vehicle perceives the entire environment and then, on this basis, decide how the sensor data is to be merged. Whether it is a complex driver assistance function or fully automated driving function – all functions can be programmed in this way. “This accelerates development work, which ultimately leads to a growing number of functions and thus to automated driving functions moving earlier into the mid-range vehicle segment,” says Dr. Schilling.

Work on the OFP will continue after the project. Crucial questions will include how the sensor data can be processed with machine learning in order to improve functions and further accelerate the development work. The car park scenario is also to be expanded to include urban driving situations and general driving at over 20 km/h. These scenarios require interaction with other sensors, such as LiDAR sensors. It is precisely in this area of multi-sensory data fusion that OFP will be able to exploit its full potential. Moreover, functional safety will play a major role in further development to ensure that all developed functionalities are and remain fail-safe.

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