TechMan to launch Digital Kanban Board

TechMan are extremely excited to be releasing the first integrated Digital Kanban Board to a garage management system in the UK, showing our continued effort for development and innovation.

The new Workshop Dashboard view has been developed in close partnership with The Garage Inspector, Andy Savva, as well as TechMan customers to really understand the type of information people would like to see at a glance, as well as how people would use and benefit from it day-to-day.

The new dashboard aims to simulate an enhanced T-Card system that some of you may be familiar with. With multiple views available to you, this will give you a different picture of your upcoming and ongoing jobs:

Month – Look at the workload for the current month as a whole or for as many weeks and months into the future as you need whilst still having visibility of ongoing work
Day – View more detail about the jobs booked for the current day as well as statistics for today’s workload. You can also see the current status of your technicians, automatically updating as things change.
Calendar – The familiar calendar has also been included, if you need to reallocate individual work tasks within
jobs to your technicians
Notes – You can continue to view and add notes to this new dashboard view in the same way as before

Just a handful of some of the most useful tips and features include:

  • In the Month view you can continuously scroll as far into the past or future as you need
  • Use the VRM Lookup facility at the top of the screen to identify a vehicle and start an estimate or job
  • Drag-and-drop a job into a status group to change the status of the job
  • Click any job number to “peek” into a job and view details quickly

The new Kanban view intends to give a higher level view of what is going on in the workshop, whether it be upcoming bookings, work in progress or completed jobs as well as real-time technician information.

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It all re-starts with Varta. The Battery Experts at VARTA provide advice to workshops for the business re-start.

It comes as no surprise that many batteries are failing due to the extended downtime period during the recent difficult days of lockdown. VARTA is encouraging workshops to extend a service to their local community by ensuring batteries are well-monitored throughout the coming days, weeks and months. In these tough times, customer service and retention is key and batteries – as a live product that have been subject to neglect over the past few weeks – should be placed at the heart of the workshop business, and is worthy of focus in order to give customers peace of mind.

With the increased practise of home-working and the new “stay-at-home” routine, and with few or no visits to family or friends during the Easter holidays, road traffic has fallen massively throughout the UK and Ireland, and for many people come to a complete standstill due to social distancing restrictions. According to automotive market research experts GiPA, traffic has fallen by 75% in some areas of the UK.

To help both drivers and garages manage the downtime effects on the battery, the team at VARTA have released a short video highlighting how car batteries have been impacted in the recent weeks. The video shows why, even if the battery successfully starts the car after a prolonged period of disuse, internal damage likely exists and so it pays to have a higher awareness of potential battery and electrical consumer failure in the coming months.

VARTA recommend workshops to carry out proactive battery checks with a good quality tester. Even under regular conditions, research shows that proactive battery testing makes sense; of every 100 batteries proactively checked, 23% need attention and potentially replacement, averting an inconvenient battery failure for the driver. With the current extraordinary impacts on car batteries, the team at VARTA are highlighting that it’s now more important than ever for UK garage technicians and fast fit centres check every battery of vehicles entering the workshop. By offering a battery check to all customers, and replacing or giving advice on those batteries close to failure, workshops will have provided peace of mind and a reliable service to their customer base.

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