Amazon orders 100,000 electric delivery vans from Rivian

Amazon has placed an order for 100,000 bespoke electric delivery vans for its global fleet, as part of its mission to de-carbonise its business.

The new vehicles will be supplied by Rivian, an American electric vehicle (EV) firm that has yet to begin production of any vehicles.

Rivian has developed a ‘skateboard’ electric chassis that will underpin a new pick-up truck and SUV, which are due to go on sale next year. It is believed that this platform will also be used for the base of the Amazon van.

It uses a 180kWh battery pack – expected to give a range of around 450 miles.

The first vans are expected to be delivered in 2021 and Amazon plans to have 10,000 of the new electric vehicles on the road as early as 2022 and all 100,000 vehicles on the road by 2030 – saving four million metric tons of carbon per year by 2030.

Two years ago, Amazon made a long-term commitment to power its global infrastructure with 100% renewable energy. Amazon is now pledging to reach 80% renewable energy by 2024 and 100% renewable energy by 2030 on its path to net zero carbon by 2040.

The company has already invested more than £350m in Rivian to help it accelerate the development of zero-emission vehicles.

“We’re done being in the middle of the herd on this issue—we’ve decided to use our size and scale to make a difference,” said Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO. “If a company with as much physical infrastructure as Amazon—which delivers more than 10 billion items a year—can meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early, then any company can. I’ve been talking with other CEOs of global companies, and I’m finding a lot of interest in joining the pledge. Large companies signing The Climate Pledge will send an important signal to the market that it’s time to invest in the products and services the signatories will need to meet their commitments.”

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IAAF Awards – last chance to make a nomination!

Voting for the IAAF’s 2019 will commence on 1st October.  That means that there is just one week left to submit nominations for companies to be included in the voting.

The presentation of the IAAF’s Awards is rightly seen as one of the high spots of the year for our members, and once again it will take place at the Federation’s prestigious Annual Dinner on Thursday 5th December at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Milton Keynes. This year’s Awards Programme is now open for nominations and as in previous years we have categories for Distributors and Suppliers in both the car and CV sectors, together with the new category introduced last year for our growing band of Service members.

To make your nomination you can either download the form below, save it and then return it by email to [email protected], or, alternatively you can visit the IAAF website where there are also full instructions. If you wish to nominate more than one company, then further copies can be downloaded from the IAAF website.

IAAF Awards Nomination Form 2019

Please return your nomination by Friday 27th September 2019 – that’s next week! Alternatively, if you feel you could miss out, you could always nominate your own company. Online voting will commence on Tuesday 1st October 2019, so don’t miss out on your chance to win one of these prestigious awards.

If you still haven’t booked your places at the event, you can download the booking form below, but hurry as places are filling up fast. Details about sponsorship opportunities are available from the IAAF Office.

IAAF Reservation Form Rev 2019

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Shaftec introduces series of bold, no-nonsense press adverts

Leading braking, steering & transmission supplier Shaftec has introduced a series of dynamic, no-nonsense press adverts. The new adverts, which will start to appear in the UK press this quarter, use inventive and bold imagery to get the business messages across loud and clear.

The series of three ads signals a change in design direction for the business, while at the same time reinforcing the key points of its cornerstone messaging: remanufacturing is the way forward where possible, economically and environmentally; in-house control, quality, range and availability are pivotal – and price really does matter.

“We are excited to introduce these new adverts to the UK market”, explains Tom Curtis, Shaftec director. “Dialogue with our customers told us that more than staid product images was needed. The word on the street was that there are so many things that differentiate Shaftec from the competition – we really should capitalize on them! I hope that is what we’ve achieved with this imagery and messaging.”

Under the banner: ‘It pays to fit Shaftec’ the advert for its range of remanufactured brake calipers carries the messages of a price reduction across its top 100 parts and that the surcharge now starts at £5 per piece. The second advert looks at Shaftec’s product range of more than 12,000 parts; and how carrying a full and complete range of parts at all times is as important for the garage as keeping the car on the road is for the driver. The third advert illustrates that the quality, range and availability of Shaftec products is ‘Out of this world’.

Operating a policy of introducing new parts on a regular and timely basis is key to Shaftec’s success. In 2019 to date, the business has created 1,951 new to range references. These include: 16 CV joints; 1,316 driveshafts; 158 brake calipers; 142 EPS racks; 15 EPS pumps; 102 EPS columns; 112 manual & hydraulic racks and 90 hydraulic pumps. Examples are: EPS racks for Vauxhall Adam/Corsa E 2012 onwards; EPS racks for Lexus CT200 Hybrid 2010 onwards; driveshafts for Nissan NV400 2010 onwards & Ford C-Max 2010.

“Giving our customers what they want and need is what we are all about. We showed the adverts to a pilot group and they were well received across the board,” said Tom.

“We’re proud of the premium product we supply. With our remanufactured products produced in-house to matching OE quality standards at our dedicated UK facility we have total control over the materials and processes used simplifying the supply chain and meaning we can offer constant availability even under challenging conditions.”

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Premier Components UK Ltd joins IAAF to promote remanufacturing

Full-line automotive core broker Premier Components UK Ltd has joined Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF), with the aim of promoting the merits of remanufacturing.

Premier Components UK Ltd is a leading player in the component sourcing and support for the supply to the wider remanufacturing industry across the UK and Europe.

The company, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, employs more than 50 people and works with automotive aftermarket companies to maximise their recycling throughputs in an environmentally beneficial way, offering many tailored services such as: National on site collection & returns service, sorting and cataloguing of core stocks, management of core returns, return distribution of core units to the customers’ remanufacturers and, the disposal of excess core stocks to the world market.

Danny Edwards, Premier Components UK Ltd Financial Director, said: “Joining the IAAF is another step in our evolution as we look to champion the benefits of remanufacturing and our role within the sector. We have built a great management team here at Premier Components, each one a recognised expert in their own field. They and their individual highly skilled colleagues are always on hand to offer customers the most up to date information and views on remanufacturing.”

Wendy Williamson, IAAF chief executive, said: “A huge welcome to Premier Components, who, as a member, will not only benefit from extensive networking opportunities with other members but add further remanufacturing expertise to the wider IAAF message of promoting all aspects of the independent automotive aftermarket.”

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Managing ADAS in Repair – feedback sought from industry

The ADAS systems on a vehicle provide critical safety functions. Repairers, therefore, must ensure that any repairs that directly involve, or impact ADAS sensors, are carried out so that the safety and functionality of the vehicle is not compromised.

Following industry consultation in July, the ADAS Committee, which includes the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), National Body Repairers Association (NBRA), Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF), Independent Garage Association (IGA), Garage Equipment Association (GEA) British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and representatives from the Motor Insurance Engineers Technical Committee (ETC), are seeking to gain further industry input on an updated draft of the Code of Practice – Managing ADAS in Repair.

The committee’s aspiration is to publish a code of practice in December 2019. To achieve this, they are seeking to provide timely input with actionable comments on the drafts as they are circulated by the membership organisations.

The effort to refine the draft following the initial feedback was greater than anticipated so this industry feedback is commencing a week later than originally stated. The plan has been adjusted to reflect this:

  • ADAS Committee convening 28th August 2019
  • Refine code to reflect committee agreements 12th September 2019
  • 2nd Industry feedback window 16th September 2019 to 4th October 2019
  • ADAS Committee Convening 29th October 2019
  • Refine code to reflect committee agreements 15th November 2019.

Within the attachments there is a draft copy of the proposed code of practice, amended following review of first round industry feedback, which has been indexed to allow for easy reference. There is also a supporting spreadsheet designed to structure feedback into a common format. When providing feedback, I would encourage individuals to think more in relation to how they feel the market should work to ensure all vehicles are repaired safely ensuring all functions and features are reinstated to their expected performance.

Feedback for this consultation will be sought within the format included in this pack. Only feedback received in the spreadsheet attachment and sent to the email address, [email protected], can be accepted.

ADAS in Repair COP update phase 3 draft v1_

ADAS CoP Feedback Sept 19

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Nissan and EDF Group extend electric agreement

Nissan and EDF Group have signed a cooperation agreement to accelerate the delivery of electric mobility in the UK, France, Belgium and Italy.

The agreement will focus on the development smart charging solutions for electric vehicles. Smart charging enables the control of when vehicles charge and how much they charge, as well as allowing surplus energy to be sold back to the grid.

As part of the cooperation agreement, Nissan is responsible for the sale of V2G compatible electric vehicles, and EDF Group is in charge of V2G charging solutions and related services.

This agreement follows a previous partnership in the UK between EDF Energy and Nissan. Signed last year, the two organisations agreed to collaborate around the development of shared offerings in the areas of electric mobility, smart charging, second-life battery use, energy storage and renewable energy sources.

Yannick Duport, EDF Group electric mobility director, said, ‘The cooperation agreement is fully in line with the Electric Mobility Plan launched last October. We are convinced that the development of electric mobility will be supported by partnerships. I am very pleased to count among them the cooperation agreement that Nissan and EDF have just signed to develop smart charging solutions. So, EDF is building an ecosystem of innovative players by forming strategic partnerships for the large-scale roll-out of the best technologies to support our customers.’

Francisco Carranza, managing director for Nissan Energy in Europe, added, ‘This new partnership with EDF across four major European markets is another sign that our vision of an electric ecosystem is becoming a reality. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits and opportunities offered by the Nissan LEAF and e-NV200, and adding a V2G solution is a logical next step for managing their energy supply and opening new revenue opportunities.’

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Update from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – Automotive Unit

Below are the latest updates relating to the Government’s preparations for leaving the EU and other key information.

1. ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign – roadshows
As part of the ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign, the government will be delivering events across the UK, talking face-to-face with up to 100 businesses at each event, with the aim of making sure as many businesses are preparing for Brexit as possible.

To enable businesses to sign up to these roadshows a website for the roadshows listing dates and times, venues, and sign-up instructions has been launch. To view information about the roadshows, CLICK HERE.

The first roadshows in Northampton, Nottingham, the West Midlands, Swindon and London have already taken place but further events are being planned. At most locations sessions will be run both in the morning and in the afternoon. The BEIS Automotive team will be attending roadshows where there is a strong automotive presence.

2. Placing manufactured goods on the UK market if there is a no-deal Brexit
There has been an update to the advice on what you need to do to comply with regulations on manufactured goods you place on the UK market if there’s a no-deal Brexit.

Imports from Switzerland are now included in scope of the UK’s transitional importer labelling requirements. This means that if you are bringing goods from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you will need to confirm whether you or your supplier will become an importer once the UK leaves the EU.

3. International Trade Update
Trade agreements that the UK is part of as an EU member state will no longer apply if there’s a no-deal Brexit. However, the UK government is working on new agreements to replace EU trade agreements after Brexit. The latest update on these agreements can be found here.

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Cumbrian motor factor, K&S McKenzie, continue to grow and invest in people, equipment and vehicles

Their latest expansion has been in their Air Compressors department. Whilst the business has been selling air compressors of all types and sizes for a number of years, recent success in this sector has led to expansion.

As part of this expansion, K&S McKenzie have recruited a dedicated mobile Service Engineer, Andrew Davidson. The business has a well-established sales team with excellent product knowledge of compressed air systems and the addition of Andrew, and the skills he brings, complement their set-up perfectly.

Thanks to the creation of this new role, K&S McKenzie are able to retain all service, installation, and warranty work in-house, enabling them to grow the department further. In addition to servicing and maintaining the machines that K&S McKenzie stock, they are also able to offer customers who have a different brand of air compressor competitive rates for their service requirements.

K&S McKenzie have found that educating the end user at the point of sale on the importance of compressor maintenance is key. Most customers don’t realise they have a legal obligation to maintain their compressors and attached air receivers, not to mention the long-term reliability benefits of having their machines properly serviced and maintained.

Andrew covers a large geographical area which enables the business to offer their services competitively within a 120-mile radius of their base in Carlisle, Cumbria. Being able to offer such a level of service to their customers not only gives K&S McKenzie an edge over their competitors, it also offers invaluable reassurance to their customers that in the event of a machine failure they won’t be waiting weeks for an engineer to get to them and rectify an issues.

As you would expect the team at K&S McKenzie have built up an excellent supply network for compressor parts and can source parts for any make or model of compressors, both old and new.

All K&S McKenzie engineers and sales team members are well trained in all aspects of compressed air and are on regular training programmes keeping them up-to-speed with the latest technologies, enabling fast installation or service/repair on any compressed air system. They way that K&S McKenzie have their distribution network set up means they are able to deliver across the UK -they can also advise on all aspects of air compressors, ensuring you -find the right compressor for your needs.

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No-Deal Brexit Impact On Employment Law

Our colleagues at Xecutive Search have voiced their opinions on the potential impact of a no-Deal Brexit on Employment Law.

While a range of outcomes, including a departure under the terms of the current Withdrawal Agreement, remains possible, it is important for businesses to plan for a no-deal Brexit, in which the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement or other deal.

The key issues are:

Free movement of workers:
Notwithstanding the no-deal situation, the EU Settlement Scheme still stands and applies to all EU citizens wishing to live or work in the UK. However, there are some important modifications.

Employees who are living in the UK as of 12 April 2019 are able to continue working in the UK. However, the recruitment of any EU citizens who were not resident by 12 April 2019 is now more complex, with both a new system of European Temporary Leave to Remain and a skills-based immigration system coming into play.

Employers should take advice on the impact of these new regimes on the recruitment and retention of employees in their business, and consider how this affects future workforce planning.

Right-to-work checks:
Employing illegal workers is a potentially serious issue for employers, with significant civil and criminal penalties. However, Brexit serves to muddy the waters of which EU citizens are lawfully entitled to work in the UK.

Employers will need to keep up to speed with government announcements on right-to-work checks and be aware that it is proposed that, as from 01 January 2021, new guidance will apply. Employers therefore need to watch out for this and ensure appropriate procedures are implemented in time.

Future employment laws:
With so much UK employment law deriving from Europe, employers could be excused for thinking that a no-deal Brexit means the end of any obligations resulting from European legislation. However, this is not the case. Even without a deal, on the UK’s EU departure, all EU laws were automatically converted into UK law so that workers are entitled to the same rights they had before.

What the future holds for the direction of UK employment law (and in particular its divergence from EU laws) is very much likely to depend on the future relationship the UK now carves out with the EU. Employers will need to watch this area carefully.

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Apec shuts down its ‘guarantee website’

Apec has closed its separate guarantee website thanks to its recently updated all-encompassing guarantee.

The guarantee website was initially set up for technicians to register their purchase of a complete discs and pads axle set for the Apex two year or 24,000 mile guarantee.

However, for some time, the Apec guarantee has covered all Apec brake components without the need to register them.

The guarantee website closed on 31 August.

An Apec spokesperson said: “Once again, we go further to make your life simpler.

“Don’t worry – should you ever have to make a claim, all you need is the invoice showing you purchased the Apec part within the last two years or 24,000 miles.”

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