Dayco invests in new Brazilian campus

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, has decided to open a new South American plant located in Indaiatuba, Brazil, which will further improve the company’s distribution, production and technological capabilities in South America and support its fast-growing aftermarket business in the region.

Following a thorough analysis of several options and benefitting from excellent infrastructure, the city of Indaiatuba in the state of São Paulo, was chosen as the new, 12,000 square meter, headquarters of Dayco in Brazil and the South American region. The company has experienced constant growth in its production and sales for several years, and believes the new campus provides an even greater opportunity to boost its business.

The new Dayco plant will unify the manufacturing, logistics, engineering and corporate departments in a single Brazilian location, generating greater synergy between the territories and agility in its processes.

“This new Brazilian campus will aid our continuing growth in the region and ensure we can provide our customers with the support they also need to grow. It will allow us to work even more efficiently and optimally, applying our best global practices and adapting to the needs of each client and region,” said Bruno Vallillo, Dayco’s president of aftermarket.

CEO, Joel Wiegert, added: “This state-of-the-art facility, which adopts smart factory principles, strengthens our position and provides us with an enlarged footprint from which to support both our aftermarket and OEM customers in South America. We are also excited to be able to bring the teams from our previous three Brazilian locations together in a single site, which will enhance the company’s efficiencies in order to meet the needs of the market in the region.”

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Independent garages valued more by customers since start of COVID-19 crisis

Fixter, an end-to-end online car maintenance service provider, has revealed national survey results which show that essential businesses, such as independent garages, are valued more than before the crisis.

Results from a national Fixter survey shows increased trust and value from the general public in essential services such as food production, delivering services and garage operations since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

89% of customers who rely on their cars now think that it is more important than ever to keep it in a good condition. The result supports Fixter’s special offer for key workers and the contact-free collection and delivery service offered to Fixter customers.

Further results reveal that 87% of participants believe that ‘essential businesses’ such as local garages have responded with appropriate procedures to deal with Coronavirus and the government social distancing measures.

Limvirak Chea, Co-Founder and CEO of Fixter, said: “We asked our customers how their views on independent garages and essential services may have changed since the crisis started. We found that the trust in both has substantially increased and that the general public value essential businesses more, as they look at them in a different light and rely on them more than ever.”

“In the past, some independent garages probably haven’t had the reputation they deserve, but now they have shown that they can respond to a crisis and play a critical role in keeping the country moving at a difficult time. They have stepped-up and are rising to the challenge by responding to people’s needs and continue to deliver the best possible service for those who need it most.”

“We, at Fixter, are delighted that people really value the importance of hassle-free car maintenance in times like these. While we can we will continue to provide the service so many people are relying on”.

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MAHLE and Triumph cooperate in the manufacture of face masks

MAHLE and the underwear manufacturer Triumph Holding AG (Bad Zurzach – “Triumph”) are joining forces to manufacture face masks.

MAHLE is providing a filter medium that is FFP3 rated and absorbs viruses. Production of the respiratory masks at Triumph is starting immediately. The masks, that can also be used in the medical sector, will be supplied to the authorities.

“At MAHLE we are currently exploring all means available to us to help in this emergency situation – with our technical know-how, test labs, clean rooms, and also our production facilities. Within a very short time, together with Triumph we have checked the feasibility of manufacturing face masks, produced prototypes, and set up the supply chain and the producton process. This is testament to the outstanding commitment of everyone involved whom I would like to thank most sincerely”, says Dr. Jörg Stratmann, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of MAHLE.

At the same time, MAHLE is also examining the possibility of additionally producing hot-formed masks in-house as well employing 3D printers to manufacture components for face masks as well as other medical equipment.

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How to protect yourself from cybercrime

The introduction of measures to contain the coronavirus means we are spending more time online, whether teleworking or surfing. Combined with anxieties caused by the crisis, this often results in unsafe online behaviour and cybercriminals are exploiting these weaknesses.

They use phishing, installing malware and other malicious practices to steal data and access devices, allowing them to do anything from accessing bank accounts to organisations’ databases.

The most common Covid-19 cyber-attacks:

  • Fake messages or links exploiting concerns, driving to malicious websites or including malware themselves, including news about miracle cures, fake maps about the spread of the virus, donation requests, emails impersonating healthcare organisations
  • Fake messages or calls purporting to be from Microsoft, Google Drive etc. trying to get hold of your login and password by offering “help” or threatening the suspension of your account
  • Fake messages about non-existent package deliveries

How can I protect myself online?
Be cautious with unsolicited emails, text messages and phone calls, especially if they use the crisis to pressure you into bypassing the usual security procedures. The attackers know that it is often easier to trick humans than to hack into a complex system. Remember banks and other legal groups will never ask you to reveal passwords.

Secure your home network. Change the default password for your Wi-Fi network to a strong one. Limit the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and only allow trusted ones.

Strengthen your passwords. Remember to use long and complex passwords that include numbers, letters and special characters.

Protect your equipment. Make sure you update all your systems and applications and that you install an antivirus software and keep it up to date.

Family and guests. Your children and other family members can accidentally erase or modify information, or even worse, accidentally infect your device, so don’t let them use the devices you use for work.

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COVID-19: Suddenly everyone’s a Furlough Expert

The Government has published further information about furlough leave and, say Lawgistics, we certainly have a bit more clarity, but businesses still face a number of practical issues when trying to put their staff on furlough leave.

One of the things quite often misunderstood is that furlough leave is a separate matter from sick leave. If your employee is sick, and perhaps shows coronavirus symptoms, the employer will be within its rights to send this employee home and insist on self-isolation. However, it does not mean that this employee can be put on furlough leave by reason of sickness. The furlough leave is an alternative to redundancy and lay-offs. A sick or self-isolating employee should be on sick leave for the duration of sickness or self-isolation (not social shielding) and due sick pay.

Another common misconception is specific to repair garages. Car repair and MOT services are specifically exempt from the obligatory closure. Remember that the furlough leave is an alternative to redundancies and lay-offs. If a garage intends to put its staff on furlough leave, or some of its staff, we should strongly advised that the garage should be in a position to demonstrate the evidence that its business diminished to the extent that the mechanics had no work to do and the staff had to be put on or agreed furlough leave.

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Invisible but important helpers in the corona crisis

Private transport is restricted in many places; there are significantly fewer cars on the road. Nevertheless, our society cannot function entirely without mobility: farmers have to cultivate their fields, trucks must supply supermarkets, and emergency services need to be ready for action. “In the long term, this can only be achieved with motor oils and additives,” says Ernst Prost, Managing Director of the German oil specialist LIQUI MOLY. “That’s why our products, like all vehicle workshops, are systemically important.”

For a truck to bring food to the supermarket, it first needs fuel, which of course is obvious. But, in the medium term, it also needs motor oil, for topping up or for oil changes. With too little oil or if the oil change is left out, there is a risk of excessive wear in the engine. This shortens the service life of the engine and, in the worst case, can cause major engine damage. Then the truck with the groceries breaks down and cannot make it to the supermarket. It is a similar situation with additives that increase the reliability of the engine, protect it from problems, and extend its service life.

“None of this is absolutely necessary today. But the day after tomorrow at the latest, you would suffer problems if it was missing,” says Ernst Prost. “After all, you can go a day or two without eating. But, after that, things start getting tough.”

“Motor oil is an invisible but important helper in these difficult times. Our company is not in the front line of the fight against the pandemic. Other sectors are needed first and foremost here,” says Ernst Prost. “But we certainly do our part to keep things running smoothly.”

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PECUVi make their software available on all Apple iOS devices to assist Workshops and Dealerships with social distancing

PECUVi, a leading provider of personalised video solutions has today announced that in order to support Workshops and Car Dealerships across Europe, they have made their software available on all Apple iOS devices. This is an attempt to quickly roll out their software to enable Workshops to implement social distancing and conduct ‘contact-less’ servicing, whilst also enabling Dealerships to quickly react to website enquiries with a video presentation.

In these unprecedented circumstances we are all living, the Management team at PECUVi looked at what they could do to try and help the sector. It was clear that Workshops and Dealerships needed to continue to trade to survive, whist at the same time safeguarding both their customers and employees. By sending the customer a video, this introduced social distancing and limited the amount of face-to-face interaction required. It enables a true ‘contactless-service’ in a workshop, whilst ensuring the customer still remains fully informed on what work needs carrying out. Similarly, in a dealership, a customer can receive a video featuring all the details of a potential new car, without being present.

To help many of these businesses the decision was made to make some changes to the software so that the customer could use the software on their own Apple devices, removing the need to buy the sign-up kit that usually costs £299, an up-front payment many may not be able to invest in at present.

Ben Smith, Director and Co-Founder commented, “The safeguarding of customers and employees is at the forefront of many Workshops and Dealership owners’ minds and at present video is the perfect way to implement social distancing. It was clear to us that video could really help under these unprecedented circumstances and we needed to do whatever we could for the sector, and fast! So, we implemented some changes to the sign up process to make the solution available on all Apple devices, which removed the initial set-up cost barrier giving more Workshops and Dealerships access to video, immediately.”

Video is just one of the measures that is being used to safeguard Workshops and Dealerships. With many dealerships now closing their doors to passing trade, the internet is where business is continuing to be done. However, many Workshops are continuing to keep their doors open to undertake emergency repairs, keeping key workers, the emergency services and delivery drivers on the move, these really are the unsung heroes!

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Status update from GT Automotive on our products and services during the current outbreak

Last week, Senior Management took the decision to operate our premises at a reduced capacity for the foreseeable future. Going into this week, this decision remains in place.

We believe that we are a crucial part of the UK automotive supply chain and we want to do our bit to keep the country moving for the key workers and vital delivery chain.

If just a single key worker can get to where they’re needed thanks to a GT part repair, it’s a small victory for us but potentially a very large one to someone in need.

Therefore, we shall remain open at a reduced capacity for as long as workplace risk assessment and UK Law allow. As long as a single garage remains open, so will we to supply our key partners and motor factors nationwide.

Our Promise
GT Automotive is now operating at a diminished capacity due to the ongoing crisis. However:

Will still be taken, however only one call can currently be answered at a time. If your call is not answered, please try again in a few minutes time
Constantly monitored and replied to as normal
Purchase Orders
Taken and stock reserved
Will now be possible on TUESDAY and THURSDAY ONLY for next day delivery. Our focus will be on keeping stock replenished for our partners

Status Of Deliveries
DPD are fully operational in the UK, with heavy measures in place to combat the spread of the virus at driver and colleague level.

If you are self isolating as an individual or business, please let us know at the time of order so that in turn we can pass this information onto DPD.

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COVID-19: An offer from DFA Media

The IAAF has received a letter from DFA Media, publisher of Aftermarket magazine, offering their assistance to manufacturers who want to produce the products so desperately needed by the NHS but are experiencing problems in sourcing materials, resources and parts. This letter is reproduced below:

This unprecedented period in all our lives has highlighted the importance of UK manufacturing more than ever before, and as a publisher of engineering publications we have all been inspired by the generosity and ingenuity of the engineering community and the call by the Government to help manufacturer products to help our precious NHS cope with the consequences of COVID-19.

However we have been made aware that although manufacturers have the ability to make the products needed by the NHS they are nevertheless still having problems finding the raw materials, resources and parts to fulfil these crucial orders. This is where we believe DFA Media Ltd, publisher of Drives & Controls, Plant & Works Engineering, Hydraulic & Pneumatics, Smart Machines & Factories, Aftermarket, Power Electronics Europe and Offshore Engineering & Equipment magazines, can play its part in helping those manufacturers who are working with the NHS to access completely free of charge our 70,000 reader database to help connect engineers and manufacturers with the material, resources and parts needed. We are able to do this quickly and confidentially.

Please get in touch with us immediately if you are undertaking NHS contracts to access this completely free service and to discuss your manufacturing needs so we can quickly put you in touch with those who are able to help you fulfil your orders for the NHS.

Yours sincerely
DFA Media

Contact Information
[email protected]
Tel:  01732 370340

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COVID-19 update: call for logistics professionals to come together

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) has launched an initiative to bring together logistics and passenger transport operators in urgent need of supply chain resources.

The initiative, backed by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) matches organisations together so that those who have capacity can help those organisations in need, such as the NHS and the grocery retail sector.

Register on the CILT website if:

• your organisation needs urgent support
• you’re a driver in need of work
• your organisation has capacity to support others in need

Motorway services are open
Motorway and major trunk road services remain open following advice from the government deeming them ‘essential services’.
The government has made it clear that for haulage and delivery drivers, travel is essential and therefore motorway services remain open, and continue to offer takeaway food, toilet and shower services.

How to keep safe
The RHA has published guidance for lorry drivers on how to keep safe when delivering goods, handling documentation and refuelling.

Keep up to date with all official government advice on COVID-19 at GOV.UK.

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