The Parts Alliance sees AutoTorque grow during lockdown

The June issue of AuutoTorque contains information on COVID-19, garage survey results and opportunities including online training and a battery testing concept.

The format is designed to be simple and easy to read on smart phone. There’s extensive coverage of the support The Parts Alliance has delivered to key workers. At national level this included the giving away of prizes from ‘The Original Experience’ promotion, postponed as the pandemic sprang up.

There have been local initiatives as well, to donate PPE and seat covers. Finally, kids have been encouraged to ‘Colour for Hope’ in conjunction with Brembo during May.

“It’s great to be able to showcase the things we’ve been doing in these exceptional times,” said Simon Moore, Head of Marketing at The Parts Alliance. “At a practical level, we’ve seen a huge rise in visitors to our AutoTorque website too.”

The Parts Alliance took the in-house AutoTorque publication digital-only during 2019 and has seen a surge in traffic during 2020, prompting it to progress the fortnightly email bulletins to weekly updates.

“Things have been changing fast,” said Simon. “Garages now more than ever value the latest updates and information, digital channels help ensure we’re always up to date.”

The Parts Alliance has developed vital resources for garages too. These have included a free vehicle inspection concept and guidance on reopening safely.

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