“The Car Aftermarket in Europe 2019” report series now available

The 2019 edition of “Car Aftermarket Europe” by Wolk After Sales Experts encompasses 35 European countries – from the automotive powerhouses of France, Italy and Germany through Central European tigers like Poland, Czechia, and Romania to the smallest but also important markets like Baltic countries or Macedonia. Sharing the common structure of the report, for every country Wolk provides a unique deep dive into its local intricacies to make sure they bring the best, most up-to-date knowledge about the local aftermarket.

Each of 35 European countries (including Russia and Turkey) is presented in a booklet which can be bought separately or as a full set.

“The Car Aftermarket 2019” country report content highlights:

  • International and National Trade Groups overview
  • TOP car parts distributors
  • TOP Truck parts distributors
  • TOP Garage marketing systems for mechanical repairs
  • TOP car dealers/car dealers groups
  • Aftermarket Volume by 10 product groups
  • Number of IAM garages per specialization (with total turnover and number of employees)
  • Direct marketers
  • E-commerce companies
  • Trade marketing systems, Auto Centers, Fast-Fitters
  • Tables, graphs and company profiles.

Each country is provided with up to 166 company profiles containing:

  • Name
  • ITG affiliation (if applicable)
  • Turnover
  • Business fields
  • Number of outlets
  • Number of employees
  • Address (Street, Zip code, City)
  • Contact person (position, e-mail, phone and fax numbers)

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