IAAF kicks off year with first 2020 Industry Briefing Session

Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) members are invited to attend its first free-of-charge Industry Briefing Session of the year, to be held at PG Automotive in Leicester on 26th March.

The keynote speaker will be Adrian Botham, Founder & MD of Servispart Consulting, a specialist aftermarket consultancy, providing strategy, change and systems advice for OEMs, parts and equipment manufacturers, and distributors.


Botham will be presenting some of his latest parts management research findings and, talking about how to achieve aftermarket excellence and growth acceleration in members’ parts and service businesses.

Emma-Jane Morris from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will also be on hand to discuss the issue of market surveillance and how its ongoing development will affect the automotive aftermarket.

With a busy, and uncertain, year ahead, the IAAF will outline its plans for 2020 and its efforts to tackle current industry issues, including the most recent developments with the connected car, Block Exemption Regulation and the progress of Your Car Your Choice campaign.

Mike Smallbone, IAAF Head of Membership Development, said: “We’re gearing up for an exciting year of change within the automotive aftermarket, and this session will provide a real insight into any significant industry developments. As ever, IAAF will continue to fight any potential issues affecting our members and the wider sector, and we look forward to sharing more information at the event.”

Further information, including timings and the day’s agenda, will be confirmed closer to the date.

As limited spaces are available, IAAF is advising members to book early to avoid disappointment by emailing Ann Silvester at [email protected].

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Sponsor Link: The Parts Alliance


As the leading business group in the aftermarket, The Parts Alliance is committed to up-skilling and driving productivity in the industry through its products and services The group, which consists of the leading motor factors in the UK and Ireland, offers national strength while providing a dedication and focus on a local service to workshops and fitting stations.

The Parts Alliance specialises in the national and local supply of O.E. manufacturer branded products and support services, including training programmes, electronic cataloguing, workshop IT systems and customer services.

The Parts Alliance prides itself on promoting the aftermarket at every level through forming professional, strategic partnerships with its customers and suppliers.

For further details, including a list of The Parts Alliance members, visit www.thepartsalliance.com/.

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Brexit Day – What will change and what will stay the same

The UK will formally leave the EU at 11.00 p.m. GMT on 31 January 2020, followed by an eleven month transition period which is due to end on 31st December 2020.

While the UK has agreed the terms of its EU departure, both sides still need to decide what their future relationship will look like. This will be worked out during the transition period.

During this 11-month period, the UK will continue to follow all of the EU’s rules and its trading relationship will remain the same.

What will change after Friday, 31 January?

1. UK MEPs lose their seats
At the moment of Brexit, the UK will leave all of the EU’s political institutions and agencies, however, in addition to the UK following EU rules during the transition period, the European Court of Justice will continue to have the final say over legal disputes.

2. No more EU summits
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have to be specially invited if he wants to join other leaders at EU Council summits in the future.

3. More discussions on trade
The UK will be able to start talking to countries around the world about setting new rules for buying and selling goods and services.

If any trade deals are reached, they won’t be able to start until the transition period ends.

4. The UK’s passports will change colour
Blue passports will be making a return, more than 30 years after they were replaced by the current burgundy design, the new colour will be phased in over a number of months, with all new passports issued in blue by the middle of the year. Existing burgundy passports will continue to be valid.

5. Brexit coins
About three million commemorative 50p Brexit coins bearing the date “31 January” and the inscription: “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”, will enter circulation on Friday 31 January.

6. The UK’s Brexit department shuts down
The team that handled the UK-EU negotiations and no-deal preparations will disband on Brexit day.

For the upcoming talks, the UK’s negotiating team will be based in Downing Street.

7. Germany won’t extradite its citizens to the UK
It won’t be possible for some suspected criminals to be brought back to the UK if they flee to Germany.

Germany’s constitution does not allow its citizens to be extradited, unless it’s to another EU country.

The UK Home Office says the European Arrest Warrant will continue to apply during the transition period. (That means Germany will be able to extradite non-German citizens.)

However, it adds that if a country’s laws prevent extradition to the UK it “will be expected to take over the trial or sentence of the person concerned”.

What will stay the same

1. Travel
UK nationals will still be treated the same as EU nationals during the transition and flights, boats and trains will operate as usual.

When it comes to passport control, during the transition period, UK nationals will still be allowed to queue in the areas reserved for EU arrivals only.

2. Driving licences and pet passports
As long as they are valid, these will continue to be accepted.

3. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
EHICs will still be valid during the transition. These are the cards that provide UK nationals with state-provided medical treatment in case of illness or accident.

They can be used in any EU country (as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and will continue to be valid during the transition period.

4. Living and working in the EU
Freedom of movement will continue to apply during the transition, so UK nationals will still be able to live and work in the EU as they currently do.

The same applies for EU nationals wanting to live and work in the UK.

5. Pensions
UK nationals living in the EU will continue to receive their state pension and will also receive the annual increase.

6. Budget contributions
The UK will continue to pay into the EU budget during the transition. This means existing schemes, paid for by EU grants, will continue to be funded.

7. Trade
UK-EU trade will continue without any extra charges or checks being introduced.

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IAAF AGM 2020 – Reminder

IAAF Members are reminded that the Annual General Meeting of Members will be taking place at 10:30am on THURSDAY 13th February 2020 at the IAAF Offices in Birmingham.

Members of all categories are invited to attend this meeting, during which items of importance will be put before the Membership for discussion. If Members wish to raise any matters under AOB, they should note that any items of a controversial nature must be advised in advance for inclusion on the full Agenda.

Details of the Annual General Meeting, including the Calling Notice, Agenda and Annual Report and Accounts, are available for download from the secure area of the IAAF website.

If any member requires login details to access this area, they should contact the IAAF Office either by email or by calling 0121 748 4600.

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Whocanfixmycar.com confirm February Awards date

The fourth annual WhoCanFixMyCar.com awards will place on 13 February, consisting of 24 categories.

For the first time, WhoCanFixMyCar.com’s partner network, made up of global leaders in part distribution and service suppliers, will be able to honour their own top picks with awards such as Shell Helix Specialist.

Al Preston, co-founder of WhoCanFixMyCar.com, said: “The WhoCanFixMyCar.com Garage Awards allow us to showcase best-in-class workshops throughout the UK, giving them the recognition they deserve. Again, this year’s shortlist of nominees includes 118 of our exceptional garage network, who continue to provide British drivers with quality car repairs. After an incredible 2019, where we surpassed two million repairs posted to the site, we’re already well on our way to three million. These awards give us the opportunity to celebrate with our garage network, that has developed with us, and to showcase the very best operators on our site.”

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BorgWarner to buy Delphi Technologies in $3.3B deal

BorgWarner has agreed to buy Delphi Technologies in a $3.3 billion deal in an effort to expand in a growing market for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Delphi shareholders will receive 0.4534 shares of BorgWarner for each share held, that translates to $17.39 per share, a premium of about 77 percent to Delphi’s closing price last Monday.

The equity value of the deal is about $1.5 billion. Delphi had long-term debt $1.47 billion as of Sept. 30.

BorgWarner makes automotive parts including automatic transmissions, turbochargers, emissions systems and thermostats, while Delphi manufactures electronic control modules that manage various powertrain components and other auto parts.

BorgWarner will own about 84 percent of the combined company after the expected closing of the deal in the second half of 2020, the companies have said.

BorgWarner also announced a three-year share repurchase program of up to $1 billion.

The deal will unite two suppliers positioning for the industry’s shift to hybrid and electric vehicles.

BorgWarner’s biggest deal to date is the $950 million acquisition of Remy International in 2015, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Both companies’ engine and transmission businesses are seen by analysts as entering a period of decline as automakers consolidate and invest in the development of electric cars. They have been investing in products automakers will need for hybrid models that run using both gasoline engines and battery power, as well as full-electric vehicles.

Delphi Technologies, based in the UK, was one of two companies to split from Delphi Automotive in 2017. The other was Aptiv, focused on new technology like advanced safety systems and self-driving car software. The split left the smaller Delphi Technologies to focus on supplying engine and transmission parts.

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New Assistant Group Buyer for Autoparts UK

Autoparts UK has promoted Steven McKenzie to Assistant Group Buyer, highlighting its commitment to ongoing personnel development and encouraging employee growth from within its current workforce.

McKenzie, who has been with the company for nearly twenty years, started his career as an apprentice in 2001.

He quickly progressed through the ranks, becoming a parts advisor after just four years, before being promoted to parts manager and then UK manager.

His new role will involve measuring and monitoring branch stock profiles throughout the group, primarily on Autoparts UK’s product range. McKenzie will also work closely with all parts suppliers to ensure key processes are running efficiently.

As Assistant Group Buyer, he will be responsible for planning and selecting different ranges of products to sell into trade and retail outlets and will be playing a key role in the company’s new e-commerce team.

An enthusiastic McKenzie said: “I’m really excited to take this next step with Autoparts UK. I have massive ambition and want to help grow the parts business. I aim to be a vital part of this team and hope that my experience can bring fresh ideas to the table and help all departments moving forward.”

Craig McCracken, group factor manager, said: “Steven has always been integral to the growth of our team and business, and we’re confident that he will take this next challenge in his stride and continue to push Autoparts UK onwards and upwards to ensure we are continually meeting our goals.”

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The UK leads the way!

In July last year, well in advance of the company’s other data suppliers, UK-based Comline Group blazed the trail with the latest TecDoc version 3.0 system upgrade, by implementing it into its TecAlliance derived, electronic parts catalogue.

Widely considered to be one of the world’s leading replacement parts catalogues, TecDoc now includes almost 130,000 vehicle models and data for 7.5 million articles from more than 770 replacement parts brands, giving it an unrivalled position as the key provider of quality, high-grade replacement parts information for the independent automotive aftermarket.

As one of TecDoc’s official Certified Data Suppliers, Comline further deepened its relationship with TecAlliance, the organisation behind the brand, by using the company’s personalised catalogue service in conjunction with version 3.0 of the TecDoc catalogue in order to develop and deliver its internal parts catalogue.

It is now used for all sectors of the business from the sales team, for finding the correct parts using the VRM facility or for cross-referencing, to the data preparation team, for analysis and to view the data in order to determine its quality and if it can be improved. These benefits allow the Comline team to quickly and accurately interrogate its full parts offering to identify each individual component across all of its product groups, which include filters, braking, wheel bearings and wipers.

The TecAlliance team individually customised the TecDoc Catalogue into Comline’s corporate design, and the comprehensive parts data focused to display only Comline products and products that are important for the UK market. The site is also mobile responsive, so it can be accessed on multiple devices, providing they hold the supported browser.

“Version 3.0 of the TecDoc Catalogue is designed to be more user-friendly and intuitive than ever, enabling faster and more precise searches,” explains TecDoc’s Key Account Manager Jason Meade, “and being an early adopter has allowed Comline to benefit from these features and improve internal efficiencies.

“The Comline online catalogue 3.0 also features a slider image on the home screen that allows the company to display products, event reminders etc. , which means that products that should be sold with a fitting kit, for example, can be flagged to ensure the additional items are offered. This creates greater product awareness and opens up additional opportunities for the sales team, which in turn, helps to grow the overall business.

“As the rollout gathers momentum across Europe, many other suppliers will also be updating their personalised catalogues, but Comline’s first to market approach made it the pioneer and very much endorses the company’s obvious go-ahead philosophy.”

Miten Parikh – Comline Group’s general manager – commercial said: “Today, no matter what the industry, data is changing the world and the aftermarket is no exception, which is why data is now one of the four company pillars for our future growth.

“As a forward-thinking company, Comline, www.comline.uk.com, is always investing and developing to attain our best in class objectives. Data is one of our core strengths and it is maintained by a highly-qualified team of dedicated professionals, who have enabled us to achieve TecDoc grade A status for 45 consecutive quarters (11 years).

“We are pleased therefore to have been the trailblazers in the development of the customised TecDoc version 3.0 solution, an undertaking that supports two – people and data – of our previously mentioned, four pillars.”

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Autoinform LIVE to return to Wolverhampton in April

The Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) will return once again to the GTG Academy in Wolverhampton from 25-26 April 2020 to host the UK’s biggest and best workshop training event.

Further information about the programme of training sessions and seminars are yet be announced but previous events have all featured informative on-vehicle training and practical demonstrations provided by OESAA members.

Anyone wishing to register their interest should CLICK HERE.

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Autoparts UK launches new Padtech Fitting Centre Programme

Autoparts UK has launched a new Padtech brake pad Fitting Centre Programme for independent garages.

The Padtech brake pad brand, exclusively available to independent garages from Autoparts UK, Midwest Motor Factors and Monmore Auto Parts, has grown considerably since 2013, with continued investment in the brand to ensure its prominence in the automotive aftermarket.

As part of the fitting programme initiative, garages receive eye-catching point of sales material, access to the latest in brake pad technology and enjoy generous discounts on the Padtech range.

To be part of the fitting centre programme, garages need to buy the top 20 pads for just £275+vat. Fitting centres receive a banner and wall sign promoting their Padtech fitting centre status, air fresheners and checklists to assist motorists on braking inspections. A new YouTube video highlighting Padtech brand quality has also been produced.

The Padtech brand is manufactured by the world’s largest Original Equipment (OE) supplier of braking products. As a result, all pads are manufactured to OE specification and comply fully with European Regulation 90.

Rigorous testing procedures are performed on all products, including density, strength, friction, OE dynamometer and compression tests, guaranteeing quality and providing ease of fitment.

Padtech brake pads come complete with Autoparts’ 20month / 20,000 mile warranty and complete traceability is assured as all pads are marked with the manufacturing batch and date information.

Currently, the range comprises more than 1500 references covering all makes of vehicle, details of which are available via MAM Software’s cataloguing system AutoCat.

Craig McCracken, Group Factor Manager, said: “We have seen Padtech become increasingly specified by garages as their first choice for brake pads and so the new fitting programme further supports this brand loyalty, promoting the quality of this safety critical component to motorists.”

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