Get a head start of the competition in 2020 with Phocas Software

There may not be a more exciting time in the automotive industry. Almost daily, there are headlines about the evolution of the automobile, from electric vehicles, virtual displays and mobile device integration, to new safety features and autonomous driving. Innovation has inspired opportunities as the automotive industry continues to evolve.

Whereas a car used to be a method to get us from point A to point B, today it is a technology platform that has attracted players such as Google, Microsoft and Apple that want to integrate the comforts of home and the convenience of mobile into the everyday-driving experience. With new opportunities, come an increase in competitors and challenges that demand companies work smarter and faster. The secret to better operational efficiency and speed is data. In fact, companies using data analytics are five-times more likely to make faster decisions.

Phocas has many years of first-hand experience helping midmarket automotive manufacturers and distributors. We use this intelligence to continually improve our software to support your industry.

Phocas would like to invite you to join an exclusive live webinar for IAAF members on Tuesday, 21st January at 2pm.

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  • the top auto industry issues and how Phocas helps solve them
  • how Phocas is used by 100+ UK automotive businesses to monitor and improve all aspects of their business
  • how these business benefits could be applied to your organisation
  • how Phocas creates a return on investment within a matter of weeks.

The aftermarket is facing a dynamic set of challenges: changing market conditions, increased competition, cost, time pressure and the need to stand out. Phocas approaches your data analytics with a clear focus on business issues. Let Phocas show you how your data can deliver a significant competitive advantage.

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