Success for MP Motorsport team

For the final round of the 2019 season, MP Motorsport started the rally in second place for both the ANEMMC and EMAMC championships but knew that with a strong, committed and calculated drive they could finish first overall.

The day started reasonably well, with the team lying in fourth place overall, but experiencing a lack of grip in the wet conditions. During Stage 2 the team softened the suspension settings and came back, still in fourth position but still not happy as they were not generating any heat in the tyres and, as a result were still experiencing understeer.

They softened the suspension further but unfortunately still couldn’t generate the heat needed to get the tyres working correctly. In service the MP Motorsport team disconnected the front anti-roll bar and moved the front suspension settings to compensate and started to feel the tyres switch on in stage. They could now drive the car harder and claw back time on the championship leader.

The team started to claw back the 10 second deficit, pulling 8 seconds back. During Stage 8 they continued their push and took a further 11 seconds, meaning they were now clear by 9 seconds, with just two stages to go. However this was now into darkness and the MP Motorsport service crew fitted the LED light bars to provide the extra illumination needed to continue the fight for the championships. Another two seconds meant they were now 11 seconds clear with just one stage to go. The team decided to back off the pace and ensure they brought the car home safely to win both the ANEMMC and EMAMC championships.

MP Motorsport finished the day fifth overall, only one second behind fourth place and just five seconds behind third overall after ten stages.

All the MP Motorsport team would like to say a massive thank-you for all the support they have received, which has enabled them to achieve the double this year. They hope everyone has enjoyed following their success this season and also enjoyed the passenger rides day at Blyton Park earlier in the year.

Various photographs have been uploaded to the Facebook page, along with in car footage etc throughout the year. They have always tried to take time to speak to spectators on events and engage with their enthusiasm for the car and feel truly blessed to have had such fantastic support. They are now the ANEMMC and EMAMC 2019 champions!!

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