IAAF Industry Briefing Session already a sell-out

The next IAAF Industry Briefing Session is taking place on 31st October at the Haynes International Motor Museum in Sparkford near Yeovil is already set to be a sell-out success as all the available places have been filled.

Mike Smallbone, Head of Membership Development, will be giving an update on current threats and opportunities in the independent aftermarket.

Guest speakers will include Quentin Le Hetet from GiPA UK and Train 4 Auto Consultancy’s Director Steve Carter, who will be sharing the latest developments in technology which are set to dramatically re-shape the future of the industry.

Steve will be presenting a talk entitled ‘Fact and Fiction’, giving a fascinating insight into the rapidly evolving changes taking place with Hybrid, PHEV and Hydrogen Fuel Celled vehicles, unveiling some significant facts and statistics to highlight the advancement in technology for the “PHEV revolution”, and the monumental shifts afoot for both aftermarket and drivers alike.

Quentin will also be taking the stand to illustrate what the next five years hold for the independent aftermarket, highlighting the development of mobility, PHEVs and the VMs’ strategy as key influential factors.

Smallbone said: “These sessions are an essential and useful way to engage with members and ensure they are up to date on the most recent issues affecting the aftermarket. We strongly encourage members to attend our other briefings as the year continues.”

Attendees will also be able to enjoy a tour of the museum courtesy of Haynes.

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