New update from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – Automotive Unit

Please find below updates relating to the Government’s preparations for leaving the EU and other key information which the IAAF has been asked to share with its members.

1. Get Ready for Brexit Campaign

The Government’s Get Ready for Brexit campaign was launched on Sunday 1 September to enable businesses and individuals to prepare for our departure. Advice and support for business on the actions they need to take to get ready for 31 October can be found here.

As part of the campaign the UK Government are holding a series of ‘Get ready for Brexit’ events across the country to help businesses get the help and advice that they need to prepare. Businesses can join a free event in their local area to meet advisers to discuss what they need to do to prepare for Brexit, understand what’s changing in their industry, and for information on specific rules and regulations. More information on dates, locations and how to register will be coming soon.

2. Grants for business completing customs declarations

Two grants are available for business needing to provide training and IT improvements for the completion of customs declarations, in preparation for the UK leaving the EU. Funding is available for:
• training that helps businesses to complete customs declarations and processes
• IT improvements to help businesses complete customs declarations more efficiently
The funding can also be used to reimburse business expenditure on relevant IT improvements and training since 31 July 2019, as well as in the future. Further information on these grants is available here.

3. Information for businesses

Products designed to make the post-Brexit border arrangements easier to understand for business are currently being produced. Existing products include:
• Traders checklist (to download click on link: 7239_EU_Exit_Simplified_Trader_Checklist_one_pager_v12_Access_KJ__2_)
• The step by step guide for exporting has been updated.

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