FIGIEFA General Assembly – report

On 12th June, FIGIEFA Members gathered in Barcelona for the General Assembly. On this occasion, they reiterated their intention to advocate for an EU legislation guaranteeing effective competition between vehicle manufacturers and independent operators in the automotive aftermarket. This requires equal capabilities for all to interact with the customers in the vehicles and the vehicles themselves, through direct access to the vehicles, their data, functions and users. The so-called Extended Vehicle concept, as promoted by vehicle manufacturers, suffers from inherent, structural design flaws by giving the full control to the vehicle manufacturers over access to the vehicle and the use of all in vehicle data. The Proof of Concept requested by the European Commission has unequivocally proved this.

FIGIEFA members attending the recent General Assembly

Cyber-security and security related repair and maintenance information will require a rapid adoption of certification and authentication schemes in order to enable independent operators to compete with vehicle manufacturers. Legislation should ensure that independent operators are not prevented from conducting their operations by additional red tape or technical burdens, which would negatively affect legitimate businesses in particular.

A section of the meeting was dedicated to the analysis of the changing political landscape at EU level, resulting from the last European elections and the major re shaping of the European Parliament, which will, in the long term, affect the political balance, agenda and priorities.

Members and the FIGIEFA Secretariat agreed to further deepen their co-operation.

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