DuoCall announce changes to delivery of customer support

Since 2007 (when DuoCall’s journey began) they been working to put a stop to the bad reputation that the telecommunications industry is known for and to provide customers with the best possible service that they deserve. Their goal is to make customers’ business communications stress-free and easier to manage. It is also the driving force behind the latest changes they are making to take DuoCall’s customer service to an even higher level.

Introducing DuoCall’s MyTeams
Previously, when a company became a DuoCall customer, an account manager was assigned as the sole point of contact for all account queries, and the customer support team would take care of any faults that occurred. Now DuoCall is excited to announce that they are changing how their industry-leading support is delivered.

From 1st July 2019, instead of directing account queries to an Account Manager and faults to the Customer Support team, customers will now have a single point of contact for all queries – MyTeam.

As the changes to the way DuoCall operates may take some getting used to, the old Customer Support mailbox will stay active for the time-being, although it will be phased out over time.

MyTeams – The Advantages

Even More Focus
All your calls will be directed to your MyTeam. You needn’t worry about being passed from pillar to post or being told to await a callback. Talk to the relevant person first time, every time.

Even More Support
6 eyes are better than 2! Your account will be managed by 3 of DuoCall’s team members – all of whom are trained to deal with any query (including logging faults and arranging new orders).

Faster Than Ever Before
DuoCall strives to answer all of your calls in just 10 seconds. With DuoCall’s MyTeams, they promise to not only achieve this goal but to exceed it with flying colours.

Simplified Comms
DuoCall understands that communications can be a frustrating subject. Their MyTeams are on hand to make discussing your communications stress-free and as easy as possible.

Always Available
No more “Can I get them to call you back?”. Your account will be managed by not 1, not 2, but 3 team members, meaning someone will be available to talk to you every time you call.

1 Call Resolution
Each MyTeam has a variety of expertise from customer support to business development. You can rest knowing that most queries will be resolved in just 1 call when you contact the DuoCall team.

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