Six new members for IAAF council

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) has announced the appointment of six new members to the IAAF council, adding further weight to its collective credentials.

The council welcomes Neil Croxson, CEO of The Parts Alliance who has taken over from Peter Sephton; Jonathan Eden, Managing Director of FPS; Andy Hamilton, CEO of Euro Car Parts who replaces Martin Gray; Joe Howard, Associate Director at Boswell Aftermarket and Alistair Preston, Founder of Darren Miller, Commercial Director of Truck & Trailer Components, also returns to Council as CV Chairman.

L-R: Terry Knox, Neil Croxson, Alistair Preston, Joe Howard, Darren Miller

Howard’s appointment is the first of its kind, being the first time that IAAF has elected a service member onto Council. Preston has been co-opted on to Council for the next twelve months to assist with some of the digital challenges currently being faced by the sector.

The IAAF Council is a voluntary group of aftermarket individuals made up of the Federation’s representatives, including distributors, suppliers, buying groups, service providers and garages who come together regularly to debate industry issues and IAAF policy, to each offer an outlook on how the independent aftermarket can continue to thrive and develop.

Recently appointed IAAF president, Terry Knox said: “At a time of great transition and challenge for the automotive aftermarket, IAAF’s role in supporting the industry and its members is more important than ever, and the welcome addition of our new Council members will help us take forward this task.”

Wendy Williamson, IAAF chief executive, said: “Having six new members is fantastic and on behalf of IAAF Council I would like to warmly welcome them all. We will no doubt benefit from the depth and breadth of experience and expertise they each bring.”

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