Honda confirms Swindon closure after phase one of consultation

Honda has confirmed that it will be closing its Swindon plant in 2021. The closure will cause the loss of 3,500 jobs.

Honda says that it has reached the conclusion that no viable alternatives to the proposed closure of the Swindon plant have been identified.

It has done so following a consultation process, which included contributions from collective consultation groups, the UK government and external consultants engaged by UNITE.

This concludes the first phase of the collective consultation process. The second phase, which includes agreeing associate redundancy packages and identifying the impact on individual roles up until production ceases in 2021, will begin immediately.

Honda will also up its engagement with the Swindon Task Force set up by Secretary of State Greg Clark to work with government and a broad range of stakeholders to mitigate the impact of this decision on the wider community.

Honda of the UK Manufacturing director, Jason Smith, said; “It is with a heavy heart that today we confirm the closure of Honda’s factory in Swindon.

“We understand the impact this decision has on our associates, suppliers and the wider community. We are committed to continuing to support them throughout the next phases of the consultation process.”

In late March it was reported that BMW was said to be looking at taking over the Honda Swindon plant in 2021, with sources apparently revealing that BMW is looking at transferring more car production to the UK because of an increasing demand for the X1 SUV, among other models.

The manufacturer sold 200,000 units of the X1 SUV globally last year, amounting to 13% of its worldwide sales. It was also reported that BMW has obtained outline planning permission to extend its Swindon pressing facility.

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