Suppliers sought for ‘Your Car Your Choice’ trial

The IAAF is launching a pilot project in the Chesterfield area to raise awareness of the Your Car Your Choice campaign and is calling on IAAF supplier members to support this important initiative through a beneficial sponsorship opportunity.

There is still a huge misunderstanding in the UK of the rights that motorists have to get their car serviced anywhere they choose from new. As BER comes to an end in its current format on 31st May 2023, the IAAF believes now is the time to seriously raise awareness as we enter a “digital phase” of car technology and data ownership.

One of the key objectives of the pilot is to raise the profile of Your Car Your Choice, which is to communicate the rights that consumers have under Block Exemption to have their car serviced or repaired at any garage or outlet without invalidating the warranty.

All IAAF factor and distributor members in the demographic catchment area covering all the main buying groups, national and local distributors will be included, who will target their customers (i.e. garages in the area) to participate in the campaign.

All IAAF supplier members operating in the Chesterfield catchment area are invited to participate in the pilot, and have been written to regarding the sponsorship opportunities available.

IAAF chief executive, Wendy Williamson, said: “We can’t underestimate the importance of the campaign for both trade and consumers; for suppliers to be involved demonstrates not just a united aftermarket front but reflects on their integrity as a business.

“For what we believe is a relatively small contribution, there is the potential for considerable online exposure and a return on investment for those businesses interested in sponsorship. The response so far has been extremely positive, and we look forward to hearing from more suppliers.”

To achieve the objectives, the campaign will consist of a two-pronged approach, via consumer literature and a strategic social media campaign.

Suppliers’ sponsorship opportunity
IAAF is offering sponsors the chance to participate in the social media campaign, alongside the opportunity to have their branding displayed and their name included in PR and social media activity offering exposure and credibility.

For further details of the supplier sponsorship package, please contact: Mike Smallbone Tel: 07584 136970 or email:

More information on Your Car Your Choice can be found on the website, which has been updated to reflect current plans to raise further awareness:

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