Help Ben understand the issues affecting your people

Ben are asking a small favour from IAAF members.

Last month, they launched a survey to help the understand the health & well-being issues faced by both employees and employers within the automotive industry.

As employers in the automotive industry, they would appreciate it if IAAF members could share the following link with employees and encourage them to complete the survey. It should take them no longer than 10 minutes.

Simply copy and paste the link to their survey to share it.

The survey will close on Friday 18th January 2019 so Ben would appreciate it if it could be shared with employees as soon as possible so that they can help ensure that Ben provides the support our automotive people need today, and in the future.

Ben appreciates your support!

Ben is also running a Survey for Employers, so if you haven’t completed this yet, please CLICK HERE.

Through Ben4Business, we partner with companies to help them improve the health and well-being of their workforces. To find out more about how Ben4Business can benefit your company and its employees contact: [email protected]

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