The Turbo Guy makes significant investment

The Turbo Guy, who are based in Glasgow, have recently made a further significant investment in a unique custom designed MASTER SHOT BLASTER which is manufactured in the UK. Bill Barrett, The Turbo Guy’s Production Manager, is pictured left by the new machinery.

The business carried out extensive testing with different processes and established that this new method produced the same finish as OE, and allowed them to increase their productivity.

The Blaster has a multi-directional feature and cleans many units in a far faster timescale than their other machine, and produces a fine finish.

The Turbo Guy disposes of all waste professionally via an approved contractor.

By investing in this new machine, The Turbo Guy is able to dramatically speed up the processes, thus enabling orders to be processed and despatched same day, so that they can live up to their tagline “If we are out of stock, we will source and produce for our customers”.

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