Government consults on new less polluting fuel

Experts are warning that many popular cars are likely to be unable to use a new fuel which promises to reduce tail-pipe emissions.

It follows a consultation launched by the Department for Transport (DfT) on its proposal to encourage larger forecourts to sell E10 petrol to help the UK meet climate change targets.

Currently, unleaded petrol in the UK contains up to five per cent bioethanol, a grade known as E5.

E10 petrol contains up to ten per cent bioethanol and, while not yet available in the UK, it is estimated that could hit forecourts within the next two years.

In total, there will be 634,309 petrol cars in use that will be incompatible with E10 in 2020, according to the research.

Of these, 150,000 will have been manufactured from the year 2000 onwards.

Analysis by motoring research charity the RAC Foundation estimated 28,066 Volkswagen Golfs on the road that would be affected, the most of any model.

Other models include the Nissan Micra (15,785), Rover 25 (9,879) and Ford Escort (8,947).

At such time when E10 appears on the forecourts, drivers need to know whether their cars can use it without being damage, the analysis shows that even in a couple of years’ time there will still be hundreds of thousands of cars on the roads that are incompatible with the new fuel.

Whilst some of the cars incompatible with E10 fuel will be historic models, many will be old but serviceable everyday run-arounds that people on a tight travel budget rely on to get about.

Most common E10 incompatible cars

Volkswagen Golf (28,066)
MG MGB (20,890)
Mazda MX-5 (18,162)
Nissan Micra (15,785)
Morris Minor (12,796)
Rover 25 (9,879)
MG MGF (9,352)
Ford Escort (8,947)
Rover Mini (7,614)
MG TF (7,568)

The DfT has said: “This Government is ambitiously seeking to reduce the UK’s reliance on imported fossils fuels and cut carbon emissions from transport.

“But drivers of older vehicles should not be hit hard in the pocket as a result.

“The E10 petrol consultation will give a better understanding of the impact of E10 on the UK market, and to ensure that drivers are protected if any changes come into effect.”

The government consultation runs until September 16.

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Bob Davis passes away

It was with great sadness that the IAAF has heard of the passing of Bob Davis at the end of July. Bob managed the aftermarket section of the SMMT for many years until he retired at the end of 2012 and will be fondly remembered by many IAAF members. He will be remembered for his tireless work on behalf of the aftermarket section working closely with industry colleagues during this time, as well as his true love of all things “bus”.

His funeral was held on 22nd August and the IAAF would like to pass on our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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Greenpeace anti-diesel campaigners hold blockade at Volkswagen UK HQ

Greenpeace anti-diesel campaigners held a peaceful protest aimed at blocking Volkswagen staff from entering the company’s head office in Milton Keynes on 20th August.

Representatives from the organisation, which is demanding the manufacturer stops producing diesel cars, arrived at 7am and set up a ‘diesel pollution clinic’ outside the building’s entrance.

Greenpeace said this offered advice and health checks to staff and members of the public.

Poor air quality is estimated to contribute to more than 40,000 premature deaths across the country each year.

Research has shown that the phasing out of petrol and diesel vehicles would lead to a 30% reduction in pollution in 2030.

A Greenpeace poll has found that more than two-thirds of people believe car companies should be held to account for toxic diesel pollution and be made to contribute to a Clean Air Fund.

A statement released by Volkswagen UK said: “Volkswagen is aware of a protest at its Blakelands premises this morning. The safety of our employees is our principal concern and so the matter is now being handled by the police.

“The Volkswagen Group has launched the most comprehensive electrification initiative in the automotive industry with ‘Roadmap’. This will bring an additional 80 new electric vehicles to the Volkswagen Group model range by 2025.

“Roadmap E brings a 20 billion Euro investment to electric vehicle technology with the goal of 25% of Volkswagen Group vehicle production comprising electrified vehicles by 2025 and 50% by 2030.”

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Time is running out to update licence-checking consents

The deadline for fleet drivers to have signed new driver licence-checking consent forms is rapdily approaching.

Documents have to be revalidated under the provisions of new data protection legislation – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – which came into effect on 25 May 2018.

However, with some two million drivers affected by the law change, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) granted fleets a three-month period of grace to obtain updated permissions.

From Saturday (25 August), automated driving licence checks via third party providers will not be possible unless updated GDPR-compliant driver permission has been obtained for further checks to take place.

GDPR-compliant driver permission can be obtained either using a paper-based D906 Fair Processing Declaration Form (formerly D796 Mandate Form) or the new E-Permission process. This updated permission will remain valid for up to three years from its effective date, as per the previous consent procedure.

If driver permission has not been updated or obtained since May 25, it is highly likely that any driving licences checks or scheduled re-checks due to be carried out after this date will not take place, said Licence Check.

Managing director Richard Brown explained: “Updating driver permission is no mean feat and I can understand why some organisations have been slower than others in getting around to it.

“To date, most companies have started the process, with almost 60% of drivers held within our database having provided the new permission.”

Many driver records are not yet due for rechecking, which may explain why almost 40% are still outstanding. Some organisations are deliberately choosing to only seek GDPR-compliant permission from their driver pool just prior to the date when the next driving licence check is scheduled.

However, Brown said: “I’m absolutely certain that there will be many others wondering why their scheduled drivers’ licence checks have not been processed after 25th August. The short answer is that we are prohibited by the DVLA from making any further requests under the old consent after this date.”

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GDPR, DPA it’s all about the data

Lawgistics, who provide the legal helpline service to IAAF members, have pointed out that,in all the headlines about GDPR, it may have escaped the notice of some that the UK got its own updated Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA), also implemented in May.

The new DPA generally reflects what was in the European GDPR and updates its predecessor, the Data Protection Act 1998.

However, one new feature is the criminalisation of altering data records in response to a Subject Access Request. An individual is entitled to ask for a copy of the data held about them and, under the new laws, this must be supplied within 30 days, without charge. If a business finds itself in the position of holding information that may be contentious in some way, it has now become a criminal offence to alter that data under Section 173 of the DPA. To avoid any potential legal action, businesses must take care with regard the information held about individuals and always give consideration at to whether it is necessary and appropriate to retain the data.

For advice on all aspects of data protection legislation, IAAF members can contact the Lawgistics team.

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Celsus UK Limited promotes Mike Keenan to board of directors

Celsus, distributor of JL Audio, Dynamat, KICKER, Caliber and Calearo products, has further promoted long-term team member Mike Keenan to the position of Sales Director, a role which sees Mike join the company’s board of directors.

Having been with the business for 11 years, Mike is the longest serving member of the team after company CEO Paul Baker and Marketing Director Mark Baker.

Mike joined the company back in 2007, and has accrued a vast amount of knowledge and experience during his many years with Celsus, having previously occupied the positions of Sales Account Manager and European Sales Manager, before being challenged to oversee the expansion of JL Audio and Dynamat’s territory across Europe. Mike also played a pivotal role in developing new marine business, started after Celsus took control of the JL Audio brand in 2014.

His success earned him a promotion to Director of Sales, during which he played a pivotal role in Celsus’ ambitious expansion into new sectors, leading to his current elevation to the company’s board of directors.

“This is a fantastic personal opportunity to continue my development at Celsus and I am extremely grateful for the faith shown,” said Mike. “I’m excited both to be leading our capable sales team and to be working more closely with my fellow directors to develop the emerging business opportunities that will benefit our loyal customer base.”

As Sales Director, Mike will remain in charge of key UK accounts as well as the export arm of business. With increased responsibility to drive sales and profitability, specifically focusing on appointing additional distribution partners in Europe for the automotive, marine and industrial sectors, Mike will oversee the expansion of the UK salesforce in line with Celsus’ growth plans for next 5 years.

Commenting on Mike’s promotion, CEO Paul Baker said: “Mike has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the company in his many years with us.

“We have set ourselves some ambitious growth objectives for the future, and I can think of no-one better suited than Mike to help us achieve these goals.”

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AS-PL announce yet further expansion

In line with constant development of the company and the continuing increase in global sales and demand, AS-PL announce yet another addition to their ever-expanding warehouse and office complex.

Alongside their current warehouse capacity at Lubichowo and the Gdansk Head Office facility, the new 3,000sq.m warehouse facility based in Pannatoni Park, Gdansk, which will also be the new home of the expanding Sales Department, is planned to open during September.

Kevin Sharp, Director of Sales UK & Ireland for AS-PL states “This additional warehouse space is very welcome and very much needed. When the company opened and moved into its current Head Office & Warehouse facility in 2013 and then added the additional warehouse space when it opened its factory in Lubichowo in 2016, we never envisaged that within 5 years we would have outgrown the space we had available. However, due to phenomenal sales growth across all areas of our business means we have just run out of space”.

Sharps further adds “It isn’t just the extra space for stock that is important. As we grow globally then we need to ensure we have the correct and adequate support functions in place to support that growth. Therefore, the Sales Department, which will be extended in line with growth sectors around the globe, will also move to the new Pannatoni Park facility and have an additional 500 sq.m of bespoke office space. This will allow further expansion in Marketing, I.T. and product development at the current Gdansk Head Office.

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Diesel new car demand falls by 24%

The UK new car market remained stable in July, with year-on-year demand growing by 1.2%, according to the latest figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

There were 163,898 new cars were registered in the month, with the lion’s share – some 59% – coming from fleet and business registrations. There were 96,036 units registered to fleet and business in July compared to 94,313 units in July 2017 – an increase of 1.8%.

Although registrations by businesses with fleets of 25 cars or fewer fell by 10.2%, demand from large fleets grew by 2.6% and private buyers was up by 0.1% on the same month in 2017.

Year-to-date fleet and business registrations were down by around 6.4% at 822,916 units compared to 878,483 units in the first seven months of 2017.

In terms of fuel type, the market followed the trend of previous months, with diesel registrations falling 24.4% as petrol demand grew 20.1%.

Meanwhile, alternatively fuelled vehicles enjoyed an uplift of 21%, with market share of hybrids and plug-ins reaching a record 6.5%. Growth was particularly strong for plug-in hybrids, up by a third (33.5%), while hybrid registrations grew 17.5%, followed by battery electric cars, up 2.4%.

Year to date, the overall market remains down by 5.5%, broadly in line with expectations as demand begins to level out. In the first seven months of the year, almost 1.5 million new cars were registered by consumers and businesses in the UK.

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Borg & Beck makes British truck racing debut

Following its CV brake pad introduction First Line Ltd, with their 100-year-old Borg & Beck brand, entered a sponsorship agreement with the Cole Trucksport truck racing team providing them with premium quality Brake Pads and Discs.

The British Truck Racing Championship team races in division two, with one of the most potent vehicles on the grid, an 11-litre, ex-Mercedes works team-built truck named ‘The Beast’, which delivers Porsche 911 beating performance figures and obviously therefore, takes some stopping!

Although the sponsorship was put in place before the opening round of the championship, pre-season optimism counts for nothing, as it is race-day performance that really matters. However, the Cole Trucksport team were blown away with the performance of the Borg & Beck Pad and Disc combination, when they had their first taste of Borg & Beck stopping power.

After making a fantastic start to the season finishing third, fourth and second in the three opening races at Brands Hatch over Easter, driver Simon Cole, AKA ‘Big Rev’ was ecstatic and said: “What an awesome brake set-up! We haven’t changed a pad or disc all weekend. Due to a water injector failing, we actually lost water cooling on the discs during testing, however they were still perfectly fine, even after getting extremely hot, and went on to complete the whole weekend.

“We are also extremely pleased with the Borg & Beck Brake Pads as until now, we have never completed a weekend on one set of pads or without having to deglaze them.”

Putting this dramatic first performance further to the test, the team has now raced in five rounds – four at home on the UK mainland and one at the iconic Nürburgring in Germany – and have experienced the highs and lows that always come in the pressurised arena of motorsport.

Irrespective of the highs – which have included several fastest laps and a number of second, third and fourth-placed finishes – and the lows – being taken out of the showcase Nürburgring event while overtaking a Dutch division one driver – the brakes have proved consistent and powerful and at Pembrey, where The Beast took pole position for the first race by a whopping 0.9 seconds, they were particularly effective in providing the supreme stopping power necessary to tackle the fearsome Hatches Hairpin!

“Our association with the Cole Trucksport team has been an immediate success for both parties,” enthused Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director for Borg & Beck brand owner, First Line Ltd.

“We pride ourselves in the quality of the products in our entire range and the proof of that confidence is clear for all to see with the exceptional performance of the ‘off-the-shelf’ Borg & Beck CV Braking products we provide the team. This achievement is also something that should positively encourage the general trade and give them even greater faith in the wide range of products we supply under both the Borg & Beck and First Line brands.

“We will continue following the teams progress and wish them even more success in the final rounds of the championship.”

To read the full testimonial or find out the latest news concerning ‘The Beast’, CLICK HERE.

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Champion® releases informative new YouTube Channel

Federal-Mogul Motorparts, a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings LLC, has announced that its Champion® brand has developed a new YouTubeTM channel, Champion EU. The videos are aimed at providing short, informative and useful content to a wide public audience, encouraging them to use a professional technician to properly maintain their vehicle.

The Champion EU YouTube channel currently has a selective number of videos covering spark plugs, glow plugs, glow plug control units, filters, lighting, braking and wipers. The content itself ranges from useful ‘how to’ guides through to coverage from Champion events. The channel will provide videos in different languages for Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.

“Video is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent and important ways in which we communicate,” explains Ronald de Wilde, Brand Marketing Manager, Champion. “We wanted to be able to help our customers resolve problems or receive news in a quick and meaningful way. With these short videos, we are able to answer many questions they may have and provide further insight into Champion’s products and about the brand itself.”

The videos are designed for educational purposes and to motivate end-users and mechanics to see professionals correctly install the products for proper fitment and maintenance. They aim to provide practical tips to those who already have some technical automotive experience but are open to novel learning opportunities. New videos will be uploaded regularly, so users are encouraged to subscribe to the channel for regular updates and the latest information.

To watch the latest Champion videos now, visit the Champion EU YouTube channel.

The videos will also be made available through regional websites and Garage Gurus™, Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ world-class, free technical training platform. The videos will also be available to embed within customer websites.

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