Dealerships failing to fix dangerous faults as 40% of motorists leave with MOT failures

Garage Wire has recently highlighted a report showing that more than 40 per cent of UK motorists left car dealership workshops without having MOT-failing ‘red work’ maintenance completed during June 2018.

The data, released by AutoVHC, shows that while the number of cars visiting dealerships remained consistent when compared to the previous year, the amount of ‘red work’ flagged on average by dealerships increased by 30 per cent.

Less than half of vehicles flagged as needing urgent required work during services were repaired in June 2018.

AutoVHC’s business unit director, Chris Saunders, said: “It’s obviously incredibly worrying to see the amount of dangerous vehicles that are currently on Britain’s roads.

“As a motorist vehicle health should always be a top priority, particularly if an eVHC flags a fault in the ‘red work’ category.”

Less urgent but still important ‘amber work’ had an even poorer rate of repair, with just 15 per cent of vehicles leaving a garage with their problems rectified.

Although these issues may not result in an MOT fail, they still require attention, and can become dangerous in extreme conditions.

Chris added: “Vehicles can be incredibly sensitive, and something as trivial as a pothole can result in a major fault on a car, it’s therefore important that motorists ensure their vehicle has regular services and health checks in addition to MOTs.”

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