New Vehicle Type-Approval Regulation: Implementation of new provision on spare parts identification – Call for nominations of experts

The new Vehicle Type-Approval Framework Regulation was adopted by formal vote of the Council on 22nd May 2018, and the new adopted text includes the provision of Annex X, Point 6.1 (see below), which provides that ‘parts identification information shall be made available in the form of machine readable and electronically processable datasets’.

The new Regulation will apply with effect from 1st September 2020. In view of this date, it was decided to create a CLEPA/FIGIEFA Working Group on the matter in order to identify how to implement this new provision and what will be needed in order to optimise the FIGIEFA spare parts catalogue creation.

FIGIEFA is therefore calling for the nomination of experts (a maximum of 3 experts per member association) who are familiar with cataloguing procedures. If you are interested in contributing to this Working Group, please contact the IAAF Office no later than Friday 22nd June 2018. Those who are interested must be committed/available to participate/contribute in the Working Group, throughout the coming months.

Once the experts have been nominated, they will be advised of the proposed dates for the first meeting.

Annex X, Point 6.1
“Information on all parts of the vehicle, with which the vehicle, as identified by the VIN and any additional criteria such as wheelbase, engine output, trim level or options, is equipped by the vehicle manufacturer and that can be replaced by spare parts offered by the vehicle manufacturer to its authorised repairers or dealers or third parties by means of reference to original equipment (OE) parts number, shall be made available, in the form of machine readable and electronically processable datasets, in a database that is easily accessible to independent operators.”

(the underlined text is new)

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