VW faces UK group legal action over emissions scandal

The Financial Times has recently reported that to date almost 60,000 people have signed up to a group legal action against the Volkswagen Group following the revelations about emissions, on the basis that VW manufactured and sold cars with diesel engines that failed to comply with EU legislation on emissions by means of installing software that artificially lowered NOx emissions during testing cycles. This includes 1.2M cars sold in the UK under the various VAG brands.

In March the High Court is to be asked to approve an application for a group litigation order (GLO), similar to a US class action lawsuit, which will enable the legal action to proceed.

In the EU VW has not admitted to any wrong-doing or liability and continues to resist compensation claims, only offering a “fix” for affected cars or, in some cases, enhanced trade-in terms and similar non-financial incentives. The VW view is that their UK customers will not have suffered loss as a result of the NOx issue but will not comment further due to the commencement of the legal proceedings.

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