New IAAF member AS-PL achieves half a million views within 24 hours

The AS-PL “ALTER-nator Love Story” movie had over a half million views in 24 hours on Facebook and achieved a million views after 2 days of its premiere on social media.

The movie, in a humorous way, presents an unusual story of sentimental love for the car. This is an emotive and funny story, and the hero’s peripeteia are intertwined with flashbacks from the 90s. In addition, the masterful cast guarantees the viewers a high dose of good energy and humour. The company didn’t anticipate that the movie would enjoy such popularity – the nearly 10,000 likes and more than 6,000 shares obtained exceeded their expectations – says Robert Snider – head of the Marketing, Communication and PR department at AS-PL Ltd., which is based in Gdansk.

The Management of AS-PL gave the producers of the movie a free hand in its creation and they decided to make an advertising film focusing the viewer’s attention on emotions instead of the product (alternator). In the case of the AS brand, known primarily in the Automotive Aftermarket, but less well-known to the general public, the idea for the film was a bit risky, but this approach paid off. Thanks to the bold approach of the company and the confidence that is built at the “production studio-client” level, they achieved a spectacular effect. For years, viewers have been bombarded with advertisements containing just simple, direct messages, with no depth behind them is the view of Mayo Kucharski, script writer and director of Wytw√≥rnia Film√≥w Kalina in Gdansk, Poland. It’s not surprising that at the moment when something more appears, the viewer spontaneously empathises with the brand, despite the fact that it is an advertisement, and thus also for the product, he added.

To view the video on Facebook CLICK HERE and to see it on YouTube CLICK HERE.

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