IAAF spreads the word on the importance of keeping the OBD connector

Earlier this summer, the IAAF welcomed many of the amendments approved by the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee (IMCO), as part of the forthcoming type approval legislation.

These related to the diagnostics, repair and maintenance of vehicles, which are an important step towards improving the legislative framework for independent operators. Over 184 amendments were approved and importantly for the aftermarket included a number of key revisions, the most important of which is keeping the OBD port to the vehicle open and accessible.

Just some of the coverage received by the IAAF on the importance of retaining the OBD port

The IAAF has continued to work alongside FIGIEFA in Europe to represent the UK aftermarket and ensure its voice is heard. It has led the fight against the proposals and helped to directly influence the type approval amendments approved by IMCO.

As well as garages, which could potentially lose access to vehicle data and would have to depend on VMs, the missing OBD connector would also impact the entire spare parts supply chain including manufacturers, distributors, producers of diagnostic equipment and dedicated software for the OBD connector, as well as millions of drivers who would suffer the consequences of disrupted competition within the market.

Since that time the IAAF’s campaign has received a vast amount of coverage in the trade press, thus ensuring that the importance of this issue is made known to as many people as possible and to encourage them to lend their support.  The IAAF is continuing to lobby the UK government on this key issue.

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