IAAF seeks views on parts identification within new Type Approval legislation

The IAAF has recently contacted its supplier, wholesaler and data publishing members as the automotive aftermarket is facing a crucial time with the forthcoming Vehicle Type-Approval legislation currently being worked on by the European Commission, Parliament and Council.

Members’ help is being urgently sought to ensure the views of the aftermarket are represented as a decisive phase will be reached in the next few months.

The legislation, which includes the right of access to Diagnostic, Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI), is currently being modified and will impact on the rights of the independent aftermarket to continue to access the information that needed for spare parts identification in the format required.

For this reason FIGIEFA, together with the European Association of Automotive Suppliers CLEPA, have commissioned a survey with UK-based consultancy ‘Ricardo-AEA’. The survey is designed for parts suppliers, wholesalers and data publishers involved in the spare part identification for their catalogue products. It intends to evaluate:

  • How well the system of access to vehicle repair and maintenance information is operating in regards to parts identification
  • Impacts on the functioning of the aftermarket.

The findings will be crucial in helping to secure these important provisions.

If anyone else would like to take part in this short survey to ensure consideration of their views in this important piece of future legislation, the survey can be found BY CLICKING HERE.

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