Motaquip: Supplier raises hat and cash, as it supports BEN’s ‘Hats on 4 Mental Health Day’

The Motaquip team has lent its support to automotive charity BEN by wearing hats to work and selling cakes, all raising money on behalf of ‘Hats on 4 Mental Health Day’.

The Nuneaton parts supplier answered the call of the not-for-profit organisation, with every employee generously donating money to wear a hat to work, while also purchasing a variety of cakes and doughnuts.


The mental health campaign, the automotive charity’s first-ever national fundraising event, was launched in-line with World Mental Health Day.

The day was designed to shine light on how mental health can affect any individual, and BEN is a key partner in helping people in the automotive industry tackle mental health challenges and raise awareness.

Motaquip is a strong supporter of BEN, whose campaign has gone viral on social media. The hashtag #HatsOn4MentalHealth was included in copious amounts of Tweets by suppliers, industry bodies and distributors.

Motaquip’s Celine Myler, who orchestrated the day for the company, said: “I’m delighted that every member of the Motaquip team has backed this important and worthy campaign by donating money.

“While we’ve enjoyed taking photos and laughing at the different hats colleagues have worn, it’s crucial that we remember why we’ve worn them. This event has also introduced our newer employees to BEN and the work the organisation does, and we will be partaking in more events in the future.”

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